The spirit of Mike Wilson lives!

Mike Wilson may have fled the game industry, but his marketing methods live on.

I go to this game company site and see a link for screenshots of their upcoming, unannounced game. I click on the link and get no screenshots. Instead, all I get is this message: “Come back soon, we will be announcing our upcoming title…bitches.”

Well, I’ll certainly be visiting often!

Wow, who was this Mike Wilson?

Ex-ION Storm CEO, responsible for this fine advertisement.

Ah, got it. I am familiar with the ad, but never knew who was responsible. Heh, marketing missteps always hurt the worst.

IMHO, if the game had not sucked so hard, the ad would have been received as edgy and cool, in that hardcore-gamer way.

if you talk smack, you better back it up. they certainly didn’t with Daikatana.

so if past performance is the best predictor of future performance, what’s that say about what ol’ Mike is working on?

Nah, that ad came about 3-4 years before Daikatana came out. And the anti-“that ad” reaction was immediate and visceral. It set the stage for the cruelty to come. It was the first mistep of many.

Of course you are right to note that had the game been good. Even mediocre, a lot of the problem would have faded away…

But it had a guy named Superfly Johnson! Superfly Johnson, man! That is just plain cool. Superfly Johnson. Say it. It just reeks soul.

I always wondered how Mr. Miyamoto felt that his name was hijacked for the lead character in the most reviled PC game in history.

His character appeared in Outpost?

His character appeared in Outpost?[/quote]

Outpost happened too early for it to be reviled now. It didn’t have all that internet hype going for it :D

“the most reviled PC game in history.”

Panty Raider?

“Most reviled” is right. Daikatana was a game people loved to hate.

Sometimes I wonder how it would have fared (and I think it nevertheless fared OK commercially) had it come from someone without John Romero’s pedigree and been supplied with less hyperbole during development.

Some elements of Daikatana were mediocre, true. The intro put me to sleep. So much for setting the stage. The enemies often seemed trivial. The sound effects were annoying. The RPG stuff didn’t fit in well, and the buddy system didn’t work as well as it should.

But when it all worked, Daikatana could be very cool. My cohorts followed me effortlessly into all sorts of hard-to-reach places. I liked the rigorousness of the saved-game scheme. And the level design was often inspired, though I guess you’d expect that. (Didn’t Romero do a lot of Doom/Quake level design?)

I never got around to using the two patches (each a horrifying 24MB). Did they have much impact?


As I recall there was a bug that wouldn’t allow you to finish the game under certain conditions, so yes, the patches are probably needed.