The Spirit trailer

First Trailer for The Spirit . Looks good.

I’d say it looks, and that’s about it.

Oh boy a Sin City ripoff. Super. Because Matrix ripoffs totally rocked back in the day.

This is directed by Frank Miller.

And based on source material that predates Sin City, so far as I know.

That being said, it doesn’t look good.

By a good half a century, no less.

Personally, I’m thrilled to see The Spirit hit the big screen, and I also think the Sin City style is well-suited to the comic. Plus Miller’s a huge Eisner fan, so hopefully he’ll stay as close as is reasonable* to the comic.

  • Meaning I don’t expect to see a lot of Ebony White in the movie.

Not exactly altering my opinion, that.

This looks like it will be a really good ABC miniseries.

Ugh, fucking unsold right there. The new “The Spirit” comic series by Darwyn Cooke is pretty phenomenal, but Frank Miller poisons anything he touches these days.

Eh, doesn’t do anything to me… and looks overly bad beyond that.

— Alan

I’ve met Eisner a number of times - he was a cool old man.
[looks at his signed & dedicated Spirit poster]
Yup, I have nothing to add. But the thought of Millers brand of darkness brought to Spirit doesn’t sound too good.

But he’s SO GRITTY.

What the fuck was that? That doesn’t look anything like Will Eisner’s Spirit. That clip is Sin City part 2, right down to the noir dialogue and color scheme. Even back in 1940, when Spirit was created, it was in full color.

Fuck Frank Miller, I’m tired of him shitting all over good comic characters.

Who wants to bet me 20 bucks that all the female characters in the film will be:

-Slapped, punched or otherwise assaulted at some point
-More than one of the above
-A doe-eyed innocent child that needs saving as part of a critical plot device

Because that’s all Miller’s got in his repertoire. Making Robin female in TDKR comics tapped him completely out.

No, you just missed one other element of the repertoire:
The dude with tits:

It does have a pretty decent cast, but … meh.

Hahahaha, noted. Shit, that takes care of TDK’s Robin, too!

To be fair, the early Spirit strips were über-noir. We had a visiting artist do a live reading of the Eisner story “Ten Minutes” at my school a few months ago, and it really brought that fact home. But I agree that this is clearly more Miller than Eisner, and that’s a shame. I cringe at the thought of Bill’s predictions, but I’m guessing Miller will stop short of rape – he was good friends with Eisner, and will probably stay true to the source material while finding less obvious ways to express his unconscious mysogyny. I hope.


Have “The Spirit” comics ever been B&W? Both the current reboot and all the Eisner originals I’ve seen have been in color. Seems like Miller’s already taking liberties with, well, the spirit of “The Spirit” with his Sin City-esque visual style here.

I rate this trailer ‘meh’. There’s a hint of the original, but there’s too much Sin City in it.