The STALKER Mod Thread

I finally have Misery 2.2.1 setup and ready to play.

It’s crazy how 10 years later the grass slider still tanks my framerate. On a 1070ti I can enable everything else and keep 70-100 fps, but not with any grass. I’m sure it’s some inefficiency in the engine that can’t be solved except by brute force, but it’s still funny.

I don’t know if things have changed, but back in the day the X-Ray engine did not really take advantage of multi-core CPUs. So I guess if it uses the CPU instead of the GPU to calculate and render the grass that may explain the issue.

I do remember there being a trick to getting it to utilize multiple cores better by futzing with the CPU affinity, but I forgot the details.

I’m okay with the performance. I won’t miss the grass.

The only other issue is the pause to load new data as you’re running around is much worse in Misery. I tried some tweaks but it killed the performance. I think this is just the reality of it since it’s a heavy mod that builds on the existing game, warts and all. Other mods like Call of Chernobyl seem to work a lot better out of the box.

I’ll play for a few hours and see if I get into it. If not, there’s another 2 or 3 mods I could play instead.

Afaik Misery is the only mod that continuously stutters due to loading ALife. Still, the mod is amazing so it’s worth persevering.

Protip: do not quick save or use autosaves, it tends to lead to savegame corruption.

Also bring binoculars or a weapon with high mag scope because enemies in this mod have hawk eyes - and aim to match.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I checked a guide and they said to hunt mutants to build up money. That sounded great! I could go for a little goofy RPG progression right now, no problem.

Then I bought the stove so I could cook the meat and sell it for a higher profit. The stove says it needs a lighter and none of the shopkeepers have one. I searched the Internet and apparently you have to do a bunch of quests or pay to go to the other map in order to buy a lighter, to force you to progress the story first. That may be the dumbest modder decision in the history of dumb modder decisions.

I added it back in with an .ltx file and now I’m back into the game again.

Here’s what I really like about Misery:

  1. It slows the progression curve way down. The early game is the most fun part of CS/CoP and this extends it. I love hunting mutants to scrape together enough money for better armor. I’m still using a nice shotgun as the sniper class. (I love the shotguns in this game!) I did a bunch of quests so now I’m loaded with money, but everything is so expensive that I don’t feel like I’ve broken the game. I’ll probably blow it all on a science suit and go explore some anomalies.

  2. It’s not a sandbox! I get to play the Call of Pripyat quests again, which are actually pretty well done.

Finished it after playing non-stop this weekend. I think I wore out my quickload function key.

Is there a free play mode in Misery that I’m missing, or is free play simply letting the helicopters leave without you? I might go explore Pripyat a bit.

Anyway, I forgot how good Call of Pripyat is. Delicious Stalker goodness. I can’t wait to play Anomaly and Road to the North in the next couple years.

I was having withdrawals so I’m back to playing Stalker mods. I resumed my playthrough of Road to the North and I think I am almost at the end of it now. I’ve had a great time with it for the most part, and all the items and such wasn’t as overwhelming as it was with Misery, but that might just be because I spent more time with it. There are some really interesting quests in this one, though there isn’t much in the way of side quests. Looks like they just updated the mod in April.

Spatial Anomaly is a mod I heard good things about, and from the couple hours I’ve put into it so far, it’s pretty cool. It’s an all new story in a new area about a group of stalkers from various factions all stuck together inside an anomaly looking to get out. I really like how each of the characters looks unique and you can get to know them a bit. It has a really good translation from what I’ve played so far. Heard it’s not too long either, so I’ll finish this one after RTTN.

I’ve also done a little dabbling with Oblivion Lost Remake and Old Good Stalker Remastered. Oblivion Lost Remake aims to be a recreation of the original concept of Stalker. I haven’t gotten too far into this yet, but it’s cool seeing how different yet similar the areas are. I also really liked how the opening cutscene intersperses concept art. OGSR is one that came out in 2016, but since then modders have been able to recompile the X-Ray engine to x64 architecture, and this mod has been updated last month to work that way to make it more stable and run better. The mod itself seems like a super expanded version of the first game with a whole lot more to do.

Anomaly 3.0 is pretty imminent and should be releasing some time this summer. A couple streamers such as Klean have early access to it. He’s been streaming it almost every day and it looks absolutely fantastic from what I’ve seen. Never did get around to trying Anomaly last year, hopefully the new version comes out soon because I’m dying to try it out.

Oh and it looks like there is a new version of Dead Air coming soon this summer as well, which seems to be Anomaly’s closest competitor.

Finally, the Ray of Hope team have released beta gameplay of their multiplayer mod:

Anomaly will go from 1.5 to 3.0?

Seems it’s called Anomaly 1.5 Beta 3.0. Confusing!

That’s the least confusing part of your post.

I need a table that spells out all these mods!

The new Anomaly is out now.

Oh my, this just threw a wrench into my Warframe grinding plans.

RPS just did a write-up on Anomaly.

Good writeup, I will probably make time for this now.

Playing Anomoly - so this is one of those mods with invisible anomalies that randomly kill you. Yeah no thanks.

But… but… throwing screws everywhere is the part of the fun of cheeki breeki!!!

You now only get 1 screw lol

Thanks. I’ve bookmarked the link to the mod.