The Stand (2020) - CBS All Access - No Book Spoilers

This was being discussed briefly in the Stephen King thread, but I figure no one will find it in there. So here we go.

No spoilers from the previous series or book please.

I figured the main character was a stand in for Stephen King himself. A weird horror fiction writer kid who lives in Maine. Of course when the apocalypse comes, this kid seems a little too eager for it. And he’s super creepy. So maybe he’s not a stand-in for Stephen King.

The suicides and attempted suicides in the first episode are the only thing that made me uncomfortable watching the first episode. It made the whole thing feel a little too dark.

Good luck!

I’d love to hear from anyone who watches this how the ending turns out. I read somewhere that King rewrote it for this miniseries.

I don’t remember this character from the book. Been a long time though.

King has too many of his protags as writers. I guess he’s a write what you know guy?

Without any spoilers, the character Rock8Man is talking about is from the book. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but from the review I read the book introduces some characters in a different order than the book.

I just read The Stand for the first time last year and I’m very eager to watch this, but primarily out of curiosity. I have no particular expectations.

I remember a young person who liked one of the main females in the book, but I don’t remember him being a writer. It could have been mentioned and I simply forgot.

Did all the episodes of this drop or do they do the one episode per week thing on CBS all excess?

One episode per week. Just like with their other shows on CBS All Access.

So just the first episode is out right now.

Ugh. I don’t like the weekly drop when it’s a subscription service.

Any idea how many episodes it will be?

From the Wiki page:


I guess if you want to binge the whole thing, the time to subscribe will be in February.

I actually just read this over the last summer and thought it still held up incredibly well as a great book, though then just a few months after I finished it the pandemic hit and I regretted everything. That said, no such character is in the book as @Rock8man is describing in that first post (I haven’t seen the episode).

EDIT: Just saw @Woolen_Horde say this IS from the book, so I’m not sure who the writer was. If you mean Harold, calling him a fiction writer is a wild adjective to grab onto to describe him, of all the things he is in the book.

Yeah, pretty sure Rock8man is talking about Harold Lauter.

Maybe a better description is that he fancies himself a fiction writer? He got a lot of rejection letters.

Yeah, that’s probably true - it’s not something that comes up much in the books - he’s like a 16 year old kid when we meet him iirc.

Heck of a book to read right before a pandemic occurs. I’d say this, Salem’s Lot, Christine, and some of his short stories and novellas are my favorites by King.

Yeah, throw Pet Sematary in there and that’s pretty much my list of favorite King books.

Pet Sematary would have been the next title in my list!

Maybe I’m a little weird but I got the vibe that those were from girls. “Letters” might be a bit of a stretch

In the first episode, they were rejection letters from Publishers saying no to publishing his fiction.

Maybe he could have used some professional advice