The Stanley Parable


I played the demo and while I found it pretty amusing in some places I can’t imagine what the full game would be like. I’d be disappointed if it continued just like the demo even though it had some humor.


So, I love metalinguistic postmodern stuff, but here’s just a collection of variations on the same theme. And while fun, in the end the experience isn’t that clever.

I see that there are more and more attempts playing with the medium, but it seems everyone that tries it just stays on the level of the “gimmick” and doesn’t actually engage what’s under the surface.

It’s basically a thing that asks interesting questions, but has no clue how to answer them, or actually offer insight or revelation. Lots of style, no substance.

It’s exactly the same. Whereas the demo had “x” variations, the full release simply added more of them.

Design-wise it’s as if they sat down and wondered “how many variations can we build around this gimmick”? And all the gameplay is about the player backtracking and doing that one step differently to trigger the next bit of content. It’s a really boring model once you ran out of most variations and end up triggering just what you already saw.


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Thanks HRose, I think I’ll pass on it.


It seems the same as the mod. Same concept, same execution, same narrator, even the same “story”, if you follow what we could call the “main thread”.

It’s just prettier and with more alternative and varied extra paths.

So play the mod if you just want to know what’s the gist about this game, and buy it if you happen to really like it.


After playing the brilliant demo, I thought I would like the game a lot. What I wasn’t prepared for is how much I would love this game. Why can’t I stop playing this? The warm embrace of the narrator and the variations in my play through are almost hypnotic and drug like.


Free short game from William Pugh of The Stanley Parable.


Just how many games are coming out from former developers of The Stanley Parable? I have one on my wishlist that’s $9.99 whose name escapes me right now, and I swear there was just news two or three days ago about another that’s coming soon by a different person behind the game, and now there’s this as well.


That was fun. Thanks.


They didn’t put option to invert the mouse y axis :( but given the lack of action, I pressed on and finished. It was worth it.


The option to invert the Y axis was added in the latest patch, so if anybody had trouble escaping the tiger because of that, I recommend that you give it another try. The title’s Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist, for anybody trying to use the forum search to see if it had already been mentioned before making a post of their own.


I think I got all the endings, I’ll probably check the wiki to see if I missed any. I am sure I saw at least 8 different outcomes so far. Overall a great game that I bought 2 years ago and finally got around to playing. This was my favorite of the possible story/endings.


And the music for that sequence… so good.

One you almost certainly didn’t get is the ‘art’ ending. That was probably my favourite and made me laugh the most.

Man, I loved The Stanley Parable.


The Stanley Parable has an achievement “Go Outside”.

The text is “Don’t play The Stanley Parable for five years.”

The Stanley Parable released in October 2013.

It’s time.

(And yes this works, I got it!)


That’s hilarious!


I don’t want to go back to the game too early though. What if I played the game later than everyone else, and I go back and it’s only been 4 years and 10 months? I’ll have to wait until 2023 to get that achievement!

Hey wait, this is a steam achievement? Pfffft.


Yeah, Steam tells you the last time you played it.



That was such a great trailer. Will I buy it again on console? Yeah, probably.


The Stanley Parable is one of my favourite games so more clever and funny stuff to discover? Yes please.