The Star Wars Holiday Special! No, not THAT one, the NEW one!

What could possibly go wrong?

Also, what a list of stars!

Oh my.

That’s, like, Daedelic hubris. I love it.

Can anyone envision any of Ridley, Boyega, Driver, or Isaacs appearing? Especially John “They Ain’t Going to Disney Plus Me” Boyega.

My son has been loving watching the Lego Star Wars Freemaker adventures lately. I’m game.

Odds are it being better than the OG holiday special are approaching 100%

Yup, I’m there.

Hopefully they’ll hire good song writers to do any musical numbers. I only recently found out about the original Christmas special through, I think it was the Pitch Meeting video for it, it sounded wonderfully bonkers. I can’t wait for this.

Edit: Yep, it was the Pitch Meeting video:


That was pretty funny, heh. Thank goodness you blurred the link, though – it almost spoiled the whole thing! ;)

Those eyes on the splash page (or whatever that’s called, the image you see from the video) are kind of freaky. So I blurred it, which gets rid of the eyes.

Heh, fair enough.

It’ll probably be better than all the theatrical post-Disney Star Wars movies combined.

While I already got a little burnt out on this guy’s shtick cuz a couple of my friends LOVE the videos and play them for us all the time (well, did, in the Before Times when you could hang out on a couch with friends and watch shit together for fun), at the end of the day, it was the freaky-ass eyes he’d photoshop into his YouTube thumbnails that made me straight up tell YT to stop recommending him, haha.

This is a beautiful turn of phrase. Thank you for writing it.

I think he does something to his eyes in the videos, as well. At least, it seemed like it in the one Rock8man linked.

Having entirely missed the xmas special(apart from knowing there was something called xmas special), and then watching the pitch video, i thought wtf are they talking about in the video, that can’t be real.




Oh yeah, if anyone here hasn’t seen the original Holiday Special, it is really worth tracking down. No description can really convey that fever dream accurately.