The Star Wars Holiday Special

A quick spin around Google well tell you how bad this is.

But until you’ve seen red-robed Wookies walk into the sun you just really haven’t bottomed out your Star Wars loathing.

There’s a 2-part Divx of it on Kazaa. By all means…

I remember this when I was a kid, I actually thought it sucked then too… same with that Superhero one… god those were terrible. I think they were on CBS?


That would explain it.

I have the 2-part Divx. I’m copying 'em into the “Video” folder on my Waste network shares, if anyone wants to take a gander (I really need a new hard drive – I’m constantly shuffling things on and off CD).

Lord, it really is bad

I saw a bootleg of this thing years ago. It’s truely horrible - but in a funny way.

Wasn’t Harvey Corman in it?

Yup. And Art Carney and Bea Arthur, too.

And Carrie Fisher singing. The horror…the horror…

Boba Fett also makes his first appearance ever in this comedy of errors.

No, I think there was a Star Wars cartoon that Boba Fett appeared in before this was out. I can’t remember the exact dates anymore.

No, the X-mas special was Boba Fett’s first appearance (and the only one in which he actually did anything).

You’re both right. Boba first appeard in the Xmas special… iduring a cartoon interlude.

For you Boba-philes out there, the cartoon with Fett is at the front of part 2 of the Divx. That way you don’t have to sit through the Grandpa Itchy’s wookie porn machine (I’m serious).

I saw it 2 years ago. Probably one of the worst thing ever put to screen :shock:

20 year necro.

Some madman did it