The Star Wars - New comic based on original Star Wars concept

Dark Horse is publishing a comic based on George Lucas’ original “The Star Wars” concept with Annikin Starkiller instead of Luke, female C3PO, Han Solo as a lizard, and the original Ralph McQuarrie drawings.

Looks like it could be interesting from a what-if point of view.

I have 3 original star wars scripts. They are all very different from each other and the actual film. I’ll be interested to see if this actually follows any of those scripts. I will tell you now one of them had 2 brothers and a father named starkiller and I don’t remember any of them being named annikin.

“Annikin” wasn’t used in any of the scripts, but the name was used in George’s early concept notes.

I think it will be interesting to see some of the early concepts mixed with the working scripts while trying o tie it all together into a coherent story.

I don’t remember that Darth Vader as a McQuarrie concept. I do, however, remember this Darth Vader:

It looks like one of those Japanese masks, which was (allegedly) part of the original concept for Darth Vader, along with a WW2 German helmet.