The State of the Marvel-verse and Blockbuster Movies

The linked article from @cornchip kind of suggests otherwise and the viewing numbers from the athletic piece say Miami was the most watched US based GP. Though that article suggests reasons for this.


So in theory lots of people are keen.

But this budget seems enormous.

Sure, but the Miami GP is a bit of an aberration

Norris’s victory came at a critical moment for the sport. While TV viewership is nearly double what it was in 2018 (before the debut of Netflix’s “Drive to Survive”), it dipped 9.1 percent last year compared to 2022.

Viewership has still declined a bit, despite this recent spike.

Feels like the Miami GP is kind of the Monaco of the USA with lots of celebs and press coverage.

Also helped that someone not named Max won the race.

Oh they know how, and they do, and they’re great… And they also know how to throw them away, and draw them again, and again… then do it ditigal 3d previs storyboard… then redo it. Then shoot it, stage it, animate it… then cut bits, throw it away…

…and when it’s time for principal photography, they shoot it as blandly as possible so they have a lot of options in post, and it’ll be easy to match with the re-shoots that have already been scheduled…

On topic. The pendulum is swinging back towards medium sized movies.

The article doesn’t mention it but the thing I noticed is these new shows from D+ are coming with commercial break fadeouts so they can be easily licensed out to other services/channels.

That might be part of the reason but I would note that D+ has an ad-supported tier itself.