The Stationmaster

The manager of this Japanese rail station has increased business by significant margins. You have to admit, she does have quite the air of authority:

The stationmaster is set to appear in a French documentary film, being directed by Myriam Tonelotto, about wonder cats from around the world.


I hope the documentary is called “Wonder Cats From Around the World.”

Or at least “Chats Merveilleux Autour Le Monde.”

Qui a eu cette idée folle?
Sacrés chats! (As French Tom Chick might say.)

I couldn’t find the MeFi post about a video trailer for an upcoming Japanese film about cats around the world, so I’ll post this one instead (also via MeFi where the video link is broken).

This cat would have done a better job running Countrywide Mortgages than their current CEO.