The Storm Guard: Darkness is Coming - A Darkest Dungeon-alike

New game released on Steam today.

This is very similar to Darkest Dungeon, although not quite as high in production values. It plays the same, and has all the same features, but just not as polished as DD. I do like the game play and so far not regretting the purchase, but some may feel $19.99 is too much, especially compared to DD, which is only $5 more.

It’s definitely receiving a lot of favorable reviews. I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist the pull!

I’m curious about this one. Folks keep comparing it to Darkest Dungeon, and while there are similarities, the developer says, “It has been inspired by XCOM, FTL, Guild Wars, etc.”

Created by Bitmen Studios which appears to be a one man shop and this game looks to be their first foray for PC/Mac.

Here is a bit more from Mark the developer, "As the story progresses, higher level missions will become available and they will contain higher level monsters. While you may battle mere goblins or skeletons or relatively harmless other stuff in the early game, the late game will feature more powerful characters with much more sophisticated abilities. There will be huge monsters like Ogres, Trolls or flying creatures like wyverns that can kick some ass. Also, enemy spell casters with their own sets of spells will appear giving you new challenges to think about. They will heal their own team, use protection spells or use offensive spells to cast meteor storms or what not. You will run into flying demons with magic abilties, fast running hard-hitting cyclops, or well-armored dragonoids, just to name a few.

Part of the challenge will be to form a team that can cope with many different situations as different monsters will come with different abilities that require different strategies from your part.

Overall, there are about 40 different monsters and most of them also learn new abilities as they level up."

On my wish list. Since I own Darkest Dungeon and Battle Brothers I’ll likely wait till this goes on sale. Unless I cave.

Same here. A major part of DD is the side-scrolling nature of it and manipulation of the party order from back to front. When you move into a grid, you lose all that.