The straw that finally killed Counterstrike


those are the right figures? 53k to 3.5k?


Almost, i rounded them off to the nearest hundred. You can check for yourself - go to and look at the bottom of the page. (Its actually increased now… 61638 for HL, 4330 for BF1942.)


Ah yeah all of HL. I read your first post wrong. That’s still quite the QW like lead it has over everything else.


I hope my Natural Selection still works without me having to screw with this stuff


Save these numbers and then come back after two weeks from now and check again. Once WON authentication goes by the wayside, thereby forcing steam connectivity to play online, we’ll have a much better idea how much of the community remains intact.


I’m still amazed at the numbers HL still has online. I guess its like the epople that keep playing EQ, and UO in a way. Just fire the same game up over and over and over. Like a habit or something.


I think that’s exactly it. It’s too much trouble for many people to switch games.

I get like that with the MMOGs. It’s much easier to just play something I already know than it is to install and learn how to play a new game.


Not to mention just how outdated your computer can be and still play Half Life and CounterStrike … which will cut into sales of HL2 and CS2.


I like how the start of this thread, back in 2003, asks when people will finally stop playing CS.

Anyway, according to this story a full thirty-nine percent of CS 1.6 servers on Steam are malicious. And the game still gets 20k concurrent players!


I thought that maybe this was a new thread. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was 2003. Counterstrike had barely even gotten started by that time (exaggerating a little, obviously).


I was never a counter-striker, but the mod came out in 1999 and popular enough for Valve to buy it in 2000, so it should have been really well-established by 2003.


Yes, of course. I had probably played thousands of hours by that time. I’m just pointing out that looking at the extended timeline (currently 2019) you could almost say that Counterstrike was still in its infancy (although I will certainly admit that its influence (at least in terms of game design) was pretty much coming to an end by that time.


I don’t know how to measure its influence, but they rebuilt it into Source engine, released it on every console, and re-released it a couple of times to boot.

Oddly, unlike the current crop of battle royales and such, I don’t recall anyone ever ripping them off and cloning CS. Maybe it happened and they all immediately failed?


Maybe I’m remembering the wrong game, but didn’t CS have some semi-complicated stealth mechanics? Kind of hard to rip off. At least for lazy developers making 2000s shovelware.


I don’t remember any stealth in CS when I used to play like 20 years ago (holy shit).


Ok, wrong game then.


There were plenty of clones! At least that’s how I remember it. Not only did it sprout a ton of mods, a few of them tried to go retail like CS did. Probably most notably UT mod Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror, which I remember having huge issues with weapon balance going by reviews (I only played it in mod form). Then you had stuff like Global Operations (from then Barking Dog Studios) which was really cool and ambitious… but it murdered my PC. I can’t think of one that wasn’t pretty much dead on arrival, so I suspect most would be hard to track down today.


Reading this thread has caused me to remember some things. Some things about a time when I used to play online shooters. As the flood of memories washed over me, one glaring thought struck me and caused me to flinch. I feel I have to admit now that I was a bunny hopper. Like, bad. All the way across the map. Hop, hop, shoot, shoot, hop, shoot, hop…

I also spawn camped.


Nietzsche might have been onto something with his concept of the Eternal Return or Eternal Recurrence as humanity is back in the same position with Epic. ;-)


Not only was I bunny hopper but I didn’t even have the skill to time it properly so I mapped it to scroll down to give me more cushion.