The stupid politician + twitter thread

Don’t for a second think Obama wants what is best for U.S. He is flying the U.S. plane right into the ground at full speed. Let’s roll.

Read the link, it’s got some priceless quotes.

Wow, he does seem to be quite the idiot if he actually believes some of the stuff he said.

Schultheis’ full tweet Tuesday was: “Don’t for a second think Obama wants what is best for U.S. He is flying the U.S. plane right into the ground at full speed. Let’s roll.”

Man, someone is seriously over-reacting to this statement.

Schultheis voted in February against a bill requiring pregnant women to be tested for AIDS to prevent spreading the disease to the children. He said then that infected children would set examples for women against sexual promiscuity.

I can see arguments from both sides of the spectrum objecting to mandatory-anything during pregnancy, but I had not considered the Westboro Baptist Church/AIDS-cures-gays angle.

Seriously, who could have a problem with that?


He’s a pro-life let the babies die from AIDS kind of guy.

Just the sort of man I can respect.

Not Twitter - but does Facebook count?

The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports that Russell Wiseman, the mayor of Arlington, Tenn., took to his Facebook page to weigh in, and to give his theory for why Obama timed the speech as he did. From Wiseman’s post:

[INDENT] Ok, so, this is total crap, we sit the kids down to watch “The Charlie Brown Christmas Special” and our muslim president is there, what a load…try to convince me that wasn’t done on purpose. Ask the man if he believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he will give you a 10 minute disertation about it…w…hen the answer should simply be “yes”
[/INDENT] Wiseman went on to add such gems as, “you obama people need to move to a muslim country…oh wait, that’s America…pitiful” and, “you know, our forefathers had it written in the original Constitution that ONLY property owners could vote, if that has stayed in there, things would be different…”

Inevitably we find out that jackasses like Schultheis are fucking anything in a skirt that will consent to him.

Why give a racist piece of shit like this any attention at all?

A war interrupted his cartoon. That’s serious, man.

Its worse, Obama - the Muslim who hates the Baby Jesus - scheduled a speech on purpose, to conflict with The Charlie Brown Christmas Special.
Take that Christianity.

Also, the line about “ONLY property owners” being allowed to vote in the “original” Constitution. Whew.

His last name is something of a misnomer.

That’s amazing. Almost 2010 and people like that still exist. Wow.

Not only that, but they’re voted into office as well.

For shits and giggles I sent the mayor an email.

This man is a national leader.

Oh, do share.

Waiting for a reply first, which I doubt will come. His email was linked right off the site for his town. Nice. Plus it’s an AOL account. Nice again.