The Suicide Squad - Maybe James Gunn can rescue this sequel?

We finally get the Polka Dot Man movie we were clamoring for!

(I get that this is the charm of the movie’s premise, that ridiculous and unknown comic book characters will briefly show up before probably getting gunned down. I was just pleasantly surprised to see Polka Dot Man in the mix.)

Some of those characters are goofy.

Jai Courtney is back, so we all know how this will turn out.

How did Suicide Squad program get more funding after the debacle of having its first incarnation actually create the villain it had to face? I call governmental appropriations shenanigans!!!

Also are the only returning cast Robbie , Courtney, and Davis?

Generic ex military dude with a dark past (Flagg) is the same guy. I think.



Taika Waititi?! Who’s he playing?!

Wait, seriously, the sequel to “Suicide Squad” is called “The Suicide Squad”? This is some super-genius level stuff. All movies should do this. “The Empire Strikes Back” should have been called “The Star Wars”. “Temple of Doom” should have been called “The Raiders of the Lost Ark”. “The Godfather Part 2” should have been called “The The Godfather”.

I mean, it’s James Gunn. He probably wanted it that way to get the reaction you’re giving right now.

I feel like this isn’t a sequel. More like a side-quel. “Ignore the first movie. This is The Suicide Squad.”

Ooh, The Jaws!

Jaws 3D could have been The The Jaws Jaws.

The Batman…

I’m not sure the thread title is accurate. “Maybe James Gunn can rescue this sequel?” It’s his movie. He conceived, wrote, and directed it. He’s not “rescuing” anything.

I meant can he rescue this sequel from the awfulness of the original’s trajectory, but that doesn’t fit in the title.

When your boss assigns you to make a teaser trailer but you have literally nothing but costume test stills to work with.

Because in real life failed military programs never get additional funding!

Peter Capaldi = Sold.