The Summer of Gaming / E3 2020 thread

General thread for the events, trailers and announcements to come.

Created now because I wanted to post this:

In addition, there was today some kind of indie compilation of ‘wholesame games’

Looking forward to:
Everspace 2 alpha gameplay on June 9
Torchlight III gameplay on June 18

Nice celeb lineup on that Animal Crossing stream.

So we ARE going to have E3, but it’s all going to be online this year. Nice of IGN to fill a need I guess.

Some interesting looking games in that Wholesome direct, but man - if your indie game isn’t coming out this year, I don’t want to see it yet. There’s no way I’ll remember it or why I wishlisted it by the time it releases.

That said, here’s a few that caught my eye:

Are CDP expected to show any Cyberpunk?

Sequel to a game I was super looking forward to, but eventually learned I totally suck at.


Very likely, given they have their own livestream at the event. They may not show any new footage, however.

Hopefully there is new footage of Wasteland 3 too.

Yes. June 11th.

CP2077 delayed to June 25th

The Sony PS5 presentation was delayed, too.

Don’t give me a shock like that!
Sounds like the game release is delayed into 2021 the way you phrase it… (Thankfully it just looks like the press event that’s been delayed?)

It’s supposed to be coming out this year? At this point I always just assume the release date is “next year”, no matter what year it is.

Well, the entire thread is about “E3” previews/trailers, so yeah I was talking of the press event :P

Yup, figured it out, but like Ginger at this time it wouldn’t surprise me if EVERYTHING was postponed till next year. Almost like we can’t have nice things in 2020 anymore…

They released a statement not too long ago that it was still on track to release this year. October or November, I think? But supposedly it’s still on track.

PC Gaming show moved too from June 6 to June 13.

Is that where they were going to show more Baldur’s Gate 3?

For today, in IGN
(1:45pm PST/4:45pm EST/10:45pm CEST) (a bit too late for me, I guess I will watch it tomorrow morning)

It seems it started earlier than planned.

First was a cg trailer, Cyanide is doing a Werewolf the apocalypse game. Interesting.

Alex Kidd DX is a new Alex Kid game.

The Outsiders games is this, a FPS/metal rhythm game

Second Extinction is a 4 coop FPS against dinosaurs.

Another livestream of indie games, done by Escapists and GOG

The Escapist showcase was just 2 hours of indie trailers. They should have curated it more and short it to 45 minutes of the highlights. It was like going to Steam and watching trailers of random games.

Ign day 2

Sony presentation