The Summer of Gaming / E3 2020 thread

Er. I confess I do not :)

Though 3-5 weren’t identical. I think companions and flying came in along the way. Plus grappling!

Pet cat. I’m in.

Seems like people wanting river raiding will be happy. If there’s no Battle of Maldon I’ll be very unhappy.

I’m not watching to keep things fresh. Very much in though.

Is this the Chess Royale autobattler or is something else coming out? My Googling is failing me.

Era of Chaos. Yeah sorry, trailer said it has been out for 7 months.

Recycling threads. Gamescom live stream

This has been fun to watch. Doc Brown pimping a new Surgeon Simulator and a new Walking Dead Bridge Constructor game.

My “opposite opinion to divedivedive” streak continues! Only interesting things so far have been the single player teaser for Squadrons and the hint of a Sam & Max game, though the developer’s pedigree isn’t exactly promising.Half of the show so far has been a motion comic for WoW

There is alot of Star Wars happening

@BrianRubin alert!

LOL “half the show.” That video was like 4 minutes and the show is two hours long.

Yes may I help you sir?

Chorvs footage

No wonder they say time drags when you’re bored.

I mean… watching it and reading resetera comments about how te-rri-ble is being IS entertaining.

It doesn’t help that I’m watching it while also watching an unbelievably bad movie (and not in a fun way). I’m getting assaulted from two directions at once.

Ooh, something interesting! Respawn’s VR thingy.

Pretty cool Respawn is going back to Medal of Honor after all this time. Looks like a pretty fleshed out game for a VR title.

Fall Guys season 2 looks baller!