The Surge 2 , sci-fi souls-like

Ok this will get its own thread. :)

In a bid to survive, explore the sprawling, devastated Jericho City. Fight ferocious threats in brutal, unforgiving combat, slashing and tearing the limbs off your opponents to steal their equipment.

Coming : Sep 24, 2019

Really enjoyed the first, and really looking forward to this sequel!

BUY IT NOW $20 price error!

Currently not being sold.

Yep that didn’t last long.

Ignore me, they posted a new trailer that is the same as the previous trailer. GG focus home.

Here this is some new RAW footage.

Ok this one is new! All the dismemberment you could want!

I’m glad they didn’t use “What a Wonderful World”. ;)

Or… “Let there be peace on earth”. :P

Two hours in, this is exactly what I wanted. Soooo good.

Looks like the review consensus is that it’s better than the first game, but they’re giving it roughly the same scores.

I liked The Surge but I didn’t love it. I’ve enjoyed this summer with minimal gaming, so I think I’ll hold off a month or two.

Is this coming to MS Game Pass? :)

I’m glad to hear such positive impressions from various youtubers I’ve heard. So obviously this meant I had to run out and… reinstall the first game and actually finish that before playing this one. The first game ran so poorly on my OG Xbox I uninstalled only an hour or two in. It just hurt my eyes to play. But I got an XBX a year or two ago, and now the game runs fantabulous. So the sequel is certainly on my radar nkw.

I’m sad that this game gets no love here. Oh well.

Future Shock DLC weapon pack is free for everyone

Season Pass info coming soon.

I’ll play it. I just got distracted by Code Vein and Disco Elysium.

I’ll probably play it eventually as well. Simple comfort food type of game.