The Surge: sci-fi Lords of the Fallen

This is definitely-not-a-Dark-Souls-clone made by the same team that made that Dark Souls clone Lords of the Fallen a while back. I was wondering about the game recently and it just so happens they have a new gameplay video out.

It looks okay. They still have that lumbering animation and lurching screen sway that made Lords of the Fallen feel unique, though ultimately a bit awkward and shallow.

I’m not expecting an amazing game here. I’ll probably still play through it one time so I can smash robots with a giant futuristic pipe wrench. (It’s good training for the coming AI-driven apocalypse here in the real world.)

I’ll definitely wait until it goes on sale. The first game had a lot of technical flaws at release. By the time they fixed them, it was already in the digital bargain bin. I figure they owe me.

The Surge should be out sometime in 2017.

Nice. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like you’re playing as The Predator? (in the first half of the video, at least. In the second half you’re playing some guy).

This releases May 16th for anyone that’s not still playing all these games that just came out.

Nice. I hope it’s longer than LotF - a somewhat short but otherwise very enjoyable brawler.

New for Soulslikes: jump over and duck under enemy attacks.

In the future, the technology is there for all kinds of powered exoskeletons, but the weaponry is limited to swinging around hunks of metal and Wolverine claws?

I get that they’re going for a Dark Souls – With SciFi! thing, but it seems uninspired to not do more with the change in setting. The impression I came away with is they just splashed a scifi coat of paint over it, rather than really look at what they could do with the setting.

It seems like the “weaponry” is re-purposed industrial equipment, akin to Ripley in the power loader at the end of Aliens.

I think it’s baby steps for this team. This trailer is actually promising. They now seem to be doing more than just Lords of the Fallen with ripped-off robot parts for weapons. The combat speed and new dodge options could be interesting.

That might just be the editing though.

This thread reminded me I still haven’t played Lords of the Fallen. :(

Perhaps after Dark Souls III , which I am really close to finishing. :)

Thanks for the perspective! I never played Lords of the Fallen, so I’m unfamiliar with the team or their prior work.

The game will live or die based on how smooth the combat and controls are, I think. I feel like it could very easily end up feeling clunky and annoying.

That’s how I thought Lords of the Fallen felt. But it had its fans. So I do plan to come back one day and give it at least one more try.

I have a very strong fear that this will be a decent but overall mediocre, clunky game.

I did like the combat video though and i like what ive seen of the world.

I have the same thought, but I’m not afraid of it. I’m expecting it. I’m not paying full price either.

Still, I can’t say I’m not intrigued. I love smashing things.

Why clunky? LotF has great combat.

So @tomchick streamed this tonight, it looks sorta alright, but for me it is not coming across as game that should be charging AAA prices.

It is $50 full price, but steam has pre-order for 10% off and GMG has it for 24% off. At $38 i think i will bite.

Dang it, hmm.

Caveat though, I don’t think the GMG one comes with the pre-order dlc if you care about that.

I’ve been watching various streams of this game on Twitch on and off tonight, and as much as I thought I would love a Sci-Fi Dark Souls type game, it turns out the gameplay shut me down cold. Obviously I’d need to play the game to get a real feel for it, but the entire time I saw streamers dancing back and forth between melee attacks, or simply turning and running, I couldn’t help but keep thinking, “Dammit, can’t you just shoot the fucking thing, or toss a grenade at them, or… anything?” And there isn’t enough carnage and debris for the combat taking place. I sure would like to see Titanfall-Mech-battle levels of wreckage and chaos during these brawls.

I think the gameworld and character designs look downright awesome (they’re right up my alley), but seeing a melee-heavy heavy game in a science fiction setting like this was just killing the vibe… because I kept wondering where the hell all the laser guns and rocket launchers and shit were.

I still want to play it (despite how cold the footage is making me, and despite how much I disliked Lords of the Fallen) pretty much because of the setting alone.

I’ll be playing on the Xbox One.