The Surge: sci-fi Lords of the Fallen

I’ve been watching a dude play this over at Something Awful - definitely not my type of game, much like the Souls games, but it’s interesting to watch someone who knows what they’re doing make their way through.

That’s impressive, considering that Lords of the Fallen sure looked like a triple A game. I always assumed it wasn’t, but when I finally played through it, I was really impressed by how much better it looked compared to Dark Souls 2.

Yeah , Lords of the Fallen visually was hitting well above its budget of $12 million. Great artists!

I’m suspicious about all the quick cuts in the editing. I think it’s making the game look faster than it really is. Because this looks great.

An expansion for the first game. These guys are just bizarre.

The first DLC, A Walk in the Park, is pretty good. Nice new environments to play around in. Better quality than most videogame DLC.

The latest DLC is terrible. It’s 9 missions you replay with difficulty modifiers. The problem is if you die, you have to start all over again, and there are a ton of bottomless pits due to the conceit of having you go through test chambers. The entire time you’re listening to the same voiceover from the narrator.

I rage quit to spend my time elsewhere. I wish I could get a refund, but I’ve already played the game too many hours since I bought it.

Searching for “The Surge” didn’t put this thread on the first page of results for some reason, even just in the games subforum.

Anyway, this has been added to Xbox Games Pass. I had played the first part briefly on PC, so I was already familiar with the game, but it took some getting used to. Their targetting system where you target certain body parts is such a weird control thing. You use the right thumbstick to choose what to target, but it doesn’t seem to follow any intuitive patterns. Like pulling up on the thumbstick doesn’t target the head, pulling right and left doesn’t target the arms, etc. It’s all a bit mysterious to me right now. Again. I remember having this problem in the PC version too.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it: Great intro. The opening cutscene is really good in this game.

From a technical aspects I think the surge is better than Lord’s of the Fallen, but I enjoyed LotF much more.

I found the camera in the boss fights to be really annoying. I thought the game was mediocre. However, I played this right after Sekiro, and so that probably made it impossible for me to enjoy much.

Closed beta starting for The Surge 2 soon.

Oh jeez they only want 50 people. I submitted for the hell of it but I almost feel bad because I don’t know how much I can support a dedicated beta. Whatever, they can make that call or do it randomly if that’s what they’re planning.

I’m ready for the 21xx video cards for all these new games.

E3 trailer up. Does the game need its own thread? The first wasn’t super popular on here…

At a glance that looks like a zombie suckling a pacifier.

Oh look, another boring pre-rendered cinematic. I guess that’s what “E3 Trailer” means now.

Wow, I completely forgot about this game and forgot it was even released. Will definitely check it out on GP. I liked what I played of Lords of the Fallen.

I really wish this was a Play Anywhere title, so that I could go back and forth. Right now I own the PC version, where I had one character going, and now I have one on Xbox that I’m advancing because of Game Pass.

So far I really like the way they’ve done the various enemy animations. I was thinking humanoid enemies would mean fairly predictable attack patterns, but that hasn’t been the case.

I reached a boss? I think. This is the most bizarre thing ever. This game is nothing if not unexpected.