The Surge: sci-fi Lords of the Fallen

I’m ready for the 21xx video cards for all these new games.

E3 trailer up. Does the game need its own thread? The first wasn’t super popular on here…

At a glance that looks like a zombie suckling a pacifier.

Oh look, another boring pre-rendered cinematic. I guess that’s what “E3 Trailer” means now.

Wow, I completely forgot about this game and forgot it was even released. Will definitely check it out on GP. I liked what I played of Lords of the Fallen.

I really wish this was a Play Anywhere title, so that I could go back and forth. Right now I own the PC version, where I had one character going, and now I have one on Xbox that I’m advancing because of Game Pass.

So far I really like the way they’ve done the various enemy animations. I was thinking humanoid enemies would mean fairly predictable attack patterns, but that hasn’t been the case.

I reached a boss? I think. This is the most bizarre thing ever. This game is nothing if not unexpected.

Ok , I’ll bite… installing now, I’ll give this a try and see if it sticks with me, else I am sticking with my plan of starting up Metro Last Light Redux tonight.

Is that one available on PC too? I just started Last Night Redux on Xbox, but I don’t get too much TV time anymore. I’d get to play more if Game Pass has that on PC.

Oh no, I have it on Steam from awhile ago, probably a bundle or monthly offering.

Ah, that’s a shame. Yeah, I own Redux since it came out on Xbox, just never got around to playing it. But it’s also on Game Pass for Xbox now. But not on PC version of Game Pass, I guess.

Back to The Surge: I think I’ll be abandoning it for now in favor of trying to make progress again on Bloodborne.

Oooh I am liking this, faster combat, sci-fi , body targeting!

Not far in at all, just fixed my core power thing.

This game is freaking hard, I am in the 2nd area now (Production B), and made my way down to recycling, and its just a death trap, 6 deaths down there, I think I either need to upgrade my gear or run away more.

Level design is great, love the maze like setup with door shortcuts to unlock.

@Rock8man how far are you?

Good god Black Cerebus is such bullshit.

I’ve watched videos, so I know about “the thing”. Getting Pax vWhatever to do the projectile attack is so random. Sometimes I go minutes trying to kite him around the fucking arena and he won’t do it. My understanding is that maybe Cerebus stops bringing them in eventually if you just defeat them (I’m not clear on that) but that’s tedious garbage too. I’ve gotten Pax to destroy the thingies three times but twice died to moves I had never seen before catching me off guard and I can’t even recall the third thing. And yes I’m doing the concussive drone strategy. But I usually die trying to get Pax to blow the shit up, frequently after minutes of trying and failing to get him to try and blow the shit up.

This fight is so dumb and so tedious. And the run back is occasionally subject to weird random bullshit (the first Creo security guard sometimes seems to snag me on the way by and there’s nothing I can do about that).

Not as far as you! Like I said upthread, I found the first boss, but I didn’t get past it. I went back to Bloodborne. I’ll come back to this one after Dark Souls 3, I think.

That one took me many tries. Very annoying. None of the boss fights are very good.

So I thought I digured it out. Some walkthrough mentioned “powering up the boss to shoot his thingies”. So I said “ok I’ll wail on him for a bit and he’ll just start shooting from far away I guess?”.

First attempt: first run of the day: works, but I managed to dodge into a wall next to stompy foot #2 and kill myself.

Second attempt: I got him to fall, wailed, and then went through knocking him down twice again without finishing him and he never fuckinb shot the rockets.

Third attempt: I wail on him some but before I even knock him down he deides to start shooting. Beat him and beat Cerebus. No idea why he decided to do it this time.

Gah what garbage. I did figure out why I was occasionally getting tagged in the run over to him, the two armored security in thd first toom have those shoulder mounted stunners, which are pure cheese.

Anyway I’m at Mk IV staff, Mk IV gorgon head, and two Mk IV gorgon arms I think. I got the Peacekeeper staff from my ex BFF, but I’m not sure why I would use it over what I am using. For Energy Gain, you want the highest possible percentage right (I mean, other things equal)?

I am progressing but haven’t encountered Black Cerebus yet, I am still messing around in R&D. I am looking mighty cool though with my shades I went back for after getting the poison air filter. I still can’t get in any security doors, there is gonna be a lot of stuff to go back and open eventually. I am gonna try out this new saw weapon I’ve had awhile, ugh level 1 proficiency though… Many will have to be killed to level it up, lol.

Well I reorganized my installed mods and went back to a weapon that is easier to use and leveled it up a bit. Heading up to the Executive Forum finally, after I get some security clearance.

Well this is where I am… :(

Maybe I will just uninstall and watch the ending on youtube.