The Surge: sci-fi Lords of the Fallen

Fucking hell glad I"m not the only one. Came in here to bitch about Black Cerebus.

I have enjoyed the hell out of this game. This is the first Souls style game that has clicked for me and I have loved the atmosphere, the combat, story, and pretty much everything about this game. Every time I have died I could tell what I needed to do to improve and felt it was fair.

Now I"m at the brick wall that is Black Cerebus. I wouldn’t mind it if I wasn’t doing complete crap damage with any one hander I try, so it takes me forever to widdle him down, and just one mistake causes a 3 hit stun lock kill unless I’ve overhealed myself in preparation. I think I’ve gotten him down to half health. All my gear is MK3, the highest I’m getting components for so far so it’s not a gear problem. I"m using a high proficiency scaling weapon with level 19 weapon proficiency. I can only take one swing at him before I have to dodge because otherwise the 2nd hit has a very very high chance of causing me to get 3 hit comboed.

The mech is also complete bullshit as well and having to try and line him up so I can get both of those tanks blown up is utterly terrible with the camera we have.

So aggravated right now. I think I’ve been on him for 3 hours with at least one break in between, it’s been so long I have 110k scrap laying at his feet (I gain ~4-5k each time I walk towards him). I have zero idea why I can’t kill him faster, all my gear is mk 3 (highest I’m getting components for).

If it wasn’t for the fact I"m 25 hours in (played through the first DLC too) and have loved everything up until now I would have dropped it, though I’m getting to the point where I still might just nuke it out of anger. I’ve never been so angry at a video game before.

Edit 45 minutes later and finally beat him. I had several times where I would have beaten him but I couldn’t line the rockets up right so he kept summoning more mechs while he healed.

Nice work.

I was doing the running light attack dash attack on him. It was good damage for my staff, and it helped me avoid getting caught. I only occasionally did combos and never more than 3 light hits at a time. He’s just too dangerous and dying is so frustrating not because of his (ample) health pool but having to deal with the stupid mech again.

Also, Surge 2 looks terrific, and we’re like 7 weeks out from it. It’s going to be an amazing fall.

Yeah I had to give up on the idea of ever hitting him more than once. I just had to do the dodge his attack, slide towards him, swing, dodge backwards and repeat that over and over and over again.

Every other boss I felt a very real sense of accomplishment after I beat them. I did not feel that after being Cerebus. I did get all his armor pieces from him though (though apparently with my current build 80 CP isn’t enough to wield all of it).

Oh well now I’m back to enjoying the game again. I definitely will need a break before getting Surge 2 though, my blood pressure can only handle so much.

Finally eliminated Black Cerebus. Would you believe I did it on the first try? Hehe or more like 2 weeks later after multiple tries… and what a long ass fight it was.

Other things I did that are spoilery: Got to enjoy some art. Hung out with the CEO a bit. Fixed a server error. Met the board of directors. And now am up in Nucleus. I should post more pics, but its hard when combat is so intense and enemies like to hide around corners.

Slightly spoilery location pics, no story spoilers.

Other than a few difficulty spikes I struggled to get over. I am enjoying this game very much. I might grab the dlc for it when its on sale again.

I enjoyed A Walk In The Park

Finally beat the game (31:58 playtime, that includes one DLC though). That was a good time, though I doubt I’ll do NG+.

I need to go through a bit of the thread now to see about story cues I missed, cause I feel like it ended abruptly while leaving details out.

Where did you hang out with the CEO? I went into his office but all that was there was a recording

There is a room near his office, somewhere in the lobby area, it has recording studio equipment / green screen backdrop.

Oh the guy that hung himself? That wasn’t the CEO that was the director of PR I thought.

Oh maybe you are right. chin rubbing


I’m having a lot of fun with this game. I just read the whole thread and needed to chime in because nobody had addressed my most pressing concern. That goddamned song playing in all the Ops rooms!

Not a bad song the first dozen times I heard it but I spend a lot of time in Ops. Give me a couple more tracks on the radio! Or a way to turn it off! It’s driving me mad. I’ve resorted to mute whenever I’m in Ops. It’s an absolute tragedy.

I just killed the third boss and fell into R&D. Y’all have got me worried about BLACK CEREBUS.

Oh that song drove me nuts when i played it. Especially since i heard it a lot when i died.

Try to remember that, despite having played them for 40+ years, I am shit at video games.

But still fuck Black Cerebus.

Yeesh, you ain’t kidding. He’s nothing but a mean, old, rotten bully.

Git gud.

Despite loving the game Black Cerebus almost made me quit. Luckily I took a day off too cool down before I dropped it for good, and I’m glad I didn’t drop it.

I got pissed off about Black Cerebus yesterday so I did something I really hate to do: I looked up strategy tips. And, boy, I’m glad I did. I can’t imagine I would have figured out the One Weird Trick where you have to lead the mechs into blowing up the tanks to stop BC from healing.

Armed with knowledge, I tried a few more times and learned how to get the tanks blown up. Now I just need to git gud and patiently chip away at him for the win. It no longer feels impossible.

They really should have explained the tank thing through NPC chatter or something.

Oh yeah I had no idea about that until I looked it up too.

Black Cerebus DOWN!

I only managed to destroy one of the two tanks with the mech rockets so I thought I’d have to face another mech. Turned out one was enough cuz the mech bay door didn’t open… BC kept partially healing himself but I was verrry careful and I eventually wore him down to defeat. HURRAH!

HURRAH, again, for I have finished The Surge! HURRAH!

Fun shit. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

Carry on.