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Grounded is really pretty great. I’ll eat crow on this one, I did not have faith that Obsidian could make a decent survival game but they pulled one out of their hat.

Yea they absolutely knocked it out of the park.

More links now that we have a proper thread:

Enshrouded Trailer:

Enshrouded Gameplay, as played by an early access streamer.:

Enshrouded Discord:

And more. This is Pacific Drive, marked as a PS5 game but according to devs will be on multiple platforms. This looks akin to a roguelike survival?

Pacific Drive Trailer:

Pacific Drive Gameplay and dev comments:

Pacific Drive Discord:
Will post once known.

I certainly ate crow. I thought it sounded silly and looked a bit like someone threw up, “Honey, I shrunk the kids,” along with it’s 80’s palette. And man, was I both a bit right but also very wrong. It was wonderful. I played both solo and with one gaming buddy and finished the game with my buddy. We had such a blast. Lots of teamwork, lots of building, lots of being very afraid, and lots of fun.

Also, previously mentioned ARK: Survival Ascended.


Mini-review after 100 hours:

Studio Wildcard Discord:

We have several folks here playing this already so some comments from me. I didn’t think that a graphics engine change and facelift would really get me back into this older game. Like others here it was addictive for me and I enjoyed the hell out of ARK: Survival Evolved (now called ASE,) and that ARK: Survival Ascended (now call ASA,) wouldn’t really move the needle.

I was very wrong. The switch to Unreal 5 engine has brought an amazing amount of detail to the game and it really quite honestly enhances the feeling of surviving in a strange locale. Yes, there are dinosaurs in this game. Yes, it still has either PvE or PvP multiplayer, based on server settings. You can very easily play this solo, however. But the key this time around is that they spent a lot of time to make this multi-platform, with all platforms playing together. They also spent time figuring out how to have mods still allowed but to the benefit of all platforms, and though there are some hiccups there, I’m here to say it works really, really well.

Also done well are the multitude of quality of life changes to the game, simplifying some parts, making other parts less kludgy, and making some parts part of the challenge. With new sounds and graphics, the old starter map is hardly recognizeable and a lot of fun to re-explore again. And with the timeline for re-release of ALL maps for the game, it will end up with thousands of hours of possible gameplay.

For anyone that has NOT played, ARK blends a bit of survival, building, character customization, wild animal training, overworld and underwater exploration, dungeons (caves) and bosses, and even teamwork and/or team war and fighting. It seems to be, and plays as, a jack-of-all-trades game, but provides countless hours of fun along the way. ARK can be a steep learning curve so if anyone is down to try this, feel free to ask for help, or join us on the private server group we’ve now landed on:

Of note: ASA is still considered early access, I guess, even though we’re post release of it. They are actively patching quite a but and due to a new engine and a multitude of tweaks, there are still some hiccups that happen. If you play, go into it with an open mindset that it should get better along the way.

I like watching Rye explore dead survival games where people still persist playing on servers with 3 people.

Hah! Now this is one I have to watch.

Damn you sir… Just… damn…you…

Don’t do it. The addiction is strong. @Ragan will tell you.

I am not addicted and I’m highly offended that you would suggest otherwise.

Here is proof that I didn’t and don’t play Ark that much:


It’s been six days since I last played and my hands barely shake anymore, so I’m clean.

I can’t lie to myself either, I’m sitting here kind of sad that later this afternoon and most of tomorrow I won’t be at the house so all I can do is think of what I’ll do in ARK once I’m home.

This one seems interesting to me:

It’s billetted as a MMO, but hoping they take a tack from Conan Exiles and make it possible to play single player/coop. Creating a Dune experience and then forcing us to share it with idiots online sounds like the worst idea in a long line of bad ideas. But then again, it is Funcom, and they’re known for questionable decisions.

Could Dune possibly have more than one biome? I’m not sure I’d want to spend hundreds of hours in just desert, desert and more desert.

If part of the game is changing Arrakis to have water more abundant than yes (that was one of the things that the Fremen wanted to do - terraform part of their planet). That would of course interfere with Spice production in the long run.

Haven’t watched the trailer so don’t know the position in the timeline but potentially there are areas in the south with at least some greenery.

Apparently on the Discord they state that PvP has its own specific regions.

Yeah, but people being people, there are some who’ll find some way to screw with others regardless. Have absolutely zero interest in playing any type of game with randos on the internet. Setting and type of game = interesting, but only if I can set up an own server for me and friends/family.