~The Survival Games Thread~

Does it look like they’re going to be adding enough game customization to alleviate it, a la Ark?

That is a good question. It kind of feels like it has more DNA from Bellwright or Conan then Ark. A lot of the gameplay revolves around finding tribemates and coercing them to join your tribe. Then you assign them tasks, so it might get far less grindy going forward? It took me awhile to get that far. When I stopped playing, I had two traibe mates, and for psuedo-automation it felt like they needed a lot of hand holding.

I’ve currently got 12 tribe members, and I’m pretty impressed with how well the automation works. I mean, considering this is the first time we’ve had something like this in a survival game and EA and all. I’ve got one managing an 8-plot farm by themselves with almost zero input from me.

They do glitch out occasionally when moving things in and out of the crafting stations. Like they sometimes take forever to respond to the job request. If I place one of the resources into the crafting station myself (usually the rarest one), that seems to get them moving. Also losing things right after they craft them. I’ve since disabled them from moving the crafted items to storage, and haven’t seen that happen again. Knock on wood.

If you mean sliders and settings, it already has that, as well as switches for things like base raids and building decay.

It’s still pretty grindy though, since none of your followers actions will earn awareness points for the tribe unless you’re in control of them. Once you start unlocking proficiency upgrades for the mask, those also get ignored unless you’re in control. So the game wants you to automate your tribesmen, but then punishes you for doing so, so you end up doing a lot of busywork yourself anyway to level up faster. They need to fix that.

Bellwright, I’ve already loaded and lined up, I just need time to play. The same with SoulMask, which I played during demo but bought the full release.

I watched a vid on this last night prior to playing some, so that’ll be after my trip. But it very much leans on using CPU tribemates that spawn in when you select that. But the balance is that you have to feed them and keep them happy. Generally anything you want to do, you can have them focus on, right down to controlling the hours they work per day, etc.

This was the, “tips,” video I went through.

I can’t tell what end goal is for the game. You pass by an epic, “god,” creature during the intro to the game so … are we overthrowing the gods? No clue.

Enshrouded or Nightingale?

I’m more or less looking for something to replace No Man’s Sky in my rotation. Playing solo. I’d prefer not to have to automate a bunch of tribe members so SoulMask is out.

If you’re looking to replace No Man’s Sky, you should give Planet Crafter a try.

Has NPCs that can join you. And probably do want them, for help in fights at least. They’ll even get each other - and you - back up if you’re downed.

In the closed beta outside of combat they could be kind of annoying. Blocking your path, messing up your storage, feeding the wrong items into crafting stations, that sort of thing. Haven’t looked at since release so maybe it’s better now.

I should have said that I want to replace No Man’s Sky but not with another SF games.

Interesting. I don’t mind a companion or two if I can more or less treat them as Skyrim type pack mules with some combat utility.

Are there any single-player-only survival games that focus on exploration and don’t have combat? Survival: Fountain of Youth is pretty close to what I’m looking for, but is a little bit clunky. Green Hell is also close, but the natives ruined it for me.

Planet Crafter above may be what you are looking for. Really enjoyed it and no combat at all. Lots of exploration.

Awesome thanks! Is it done? I thought it was still early access.

Yes! Pretty sure. When we started a couple months ago, I believe was when it went full release.

PlanetCrafter is absolutely a finished product with a v1.0 release and everything. But the dev does have more plans. Such as the recently released update that added some new areas to the map, among other things.

Lol, I got home ready to buy it only to discover that I already own it. I don’t remember playing it at all, but apparently I’ve put almost an hour into it :)

I think I may have stopped playing because it’s designed for co-op and I don’t want to play co-op. But if you say it’s good solo, I’ll give it a go. Thanks!

And the other game I was thinking of that I thought was this one was Eden Crafters, which isn’t even in early access.

Eden Crafters looks like a combination of Planet Crafter + Satisfactory. Interesting. Definitely wishlisting that one.

Looks like there’s a free demo too:

I’ve played 8 hours of Planet Crafter solo and still enjoy it…just want to see the barren landscape transformed!

Yeah, I’ve played both as a solo and co-op with a buddy and enjoyed both tremendously.

Yep, finished Planet Crafters solo and really liked it. It was a nice chill game.

I did as well. I don’t think I caught the last few updates though, there’s more transforming out there but I just haven’t done it. I did appreciate the solo play and non-combat gameplay though. It was done very well.