The Tabletop Wargaming Thread

Space Marine Painting I just finished up.

EDIT: Had to make a few changes (and I’m sure a few more later). For some reason I need to look at the images out of Photoshop on a separate device to catch some of this stuff. Not sure why.

Very cool. I’ve always liked the look of Space Marines, even if their armor always seemed a bit, um, unrealistic. But cool > real.

Thanks Wombat. :)

Yeah, I’ve been a fan of Space Marines since I first discovered them back in the late 80’s. Not sure what it is exactly, but they just have a really iconic look. In the last couple years I have started to paint the little fellas as well.

Awesome Merry! You’re painting always manages to blow me away, great stuff. But I noticed a mistake in your painting and figures, true space marines are dark green, not blueberries.

I agree Mr. Shellfish! But I am waiting to to my Dark Angels in a 30K army once Forge World gets to them. Decided to go with Crimson Fists (Note: Technically not blueberries) for 40K. Partially since blue is easy to paint and my Menoth (white) has worn me out on tricky paint schemes, and partially as a nod to the original cover for Rouge Trader all those years ago. I never played back then, but I was certainly intrigued.

Nice paint job! What technique did you use to get the nice transition between the dark and light blues on that armor?

It’s wet blending Nomaar.

Is this more to your liking Mr. Shellfish?

Great stuff Merry!

I see that 9th edition fantasy warhammer is coming out this summer, and no one quite knows what to expect. I’m hoping for something a little closer to Warmachine.

Yeah. 9th ed. fantasy definitely has piqued my interest…though not as much as seeing Dark Angels in 30K. :D

From what I have heard 9th is supposed to be more of a skirmish game that scales up similar to the way Warmachine works. If that’s the case I suspect it will be enough to get me into Fantasy at least a bit (though we all know how that goes…).

As for GW making a balanced(ish) game like Warmachine…I wouldn’t hold your breath. ;)

So who is ready to take the plunge into the Age of Sigmar?

It appears to be a basic miniatures game, something like a cross between heroscape and warmachine. The nerd rage is fantastic. Personally I think it looks like a game I could play with my kids, if I wanted to spend a lot of money on GW miniatures.

Warhammer Fantasy minis on round bases?!? Heresy! (Unless its Mordheim, that’s ok) Odd choice to kick off the next edition of Warhammer Fantasy. Time to hit the forums and see the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

AoS looks cool to me. Since I am primarily a hobbyist simpler games are funner for me. That said none of the factions are jumping out at me to collect and paint so I am probably in a holding pattern until I see some models that I really want.


The Pocket Box Returns

The recent campaign for a new edition of The Fantasy Trip unlocked the creation of a new plastic Pocket Box . Now, we are officially taking steps to produce reprints of classic Steve Jackson Games titles from the eighties.

Test shots of the new Pocket Box. We removed the hang tab and made the box one-half-inch deeper than the original. Test shots of the new Pocket Box. We removed the hang tab and made the box one-half-inch deeper than the original.

Earlier this week, I spent a day with David, our GPI project rep, where we reviewed progress on preparing files for reprints of titles like Ogre, G.E.V., Battlesuit , and more . . . and special reprints at that! We’re taking the Pocket Box project to Kickstarter in early 2019, and if we’re successful, we will be printing near-exact reproductions of those older games. Did you mom throw your games away back in the eighties and nineties? This will be your chance to replace them! These games will include a “2019 Reproduction” notice, but will otherwise be as close to the originals as can manage. And yes, this means you need to cut the counters out, just the way it was when I was in junior high!

Old-school fun!

Oh fancy! Thanks for the heads up!

I backed the TFT Kickstarter and will get my Pocket Box within a much bigger box. And I still have the originals anyway. But it’s gonna be MEGAHEX MAYHEM come January.

I lost my box of Wizard chits a while ago. Really looking forward to replacing them.

Remember trying to stuff the Battlesuit map and all the counters in the skinny old pocket box.

Is this one of those weird places you’re supposed to gravedig threads? I’ve seen tons of threads on here get duggen up, but normally that’s super taboo.

I really want to talk shop about tabletop wargames. I’ll even talk about videogame wargames, if I’m able to figure out how to play them.

Thread necros are pretty common here. It’s new threads that seem to freak people out! That said, I think there are more popular threads than this one that you might have more luck finding discussions in depending on what you mean by tabletop wargame. There’s a fairly active thread for discussing board wargames that sometimes veers into PC games:

I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen a thread for minis-based wargames bumped several times since this thread last had a post in it, but I’m not sure what it’s called. This forum is also (in)famous for having unhelpfully named topics so searching for them can be difficult.

Edit: I’m probably thinking of this one, though it doesn’t have that much discussion in it: