The tactical nuance of Serious Sam 3

Title The tactical nuance of Serious Sam 3
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When November 17, 2011

Above is reprinted, in its entirety, the strategy guide for Serious Sam 3, which comes out next week and includes 16-player co-op for the campaign mode. Forward the guide to 15 friends with whom you might be playing so that you're all on the same page..

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God bless Croteam

This is funny but misleading.

Serious Sam lets you carry around a dozen different weapons at once, and figuring out which weapon to use against which enemy, and managing your ammo between refills requires more strategic thinking than most modern single-player FPS games.

This is a good point. Jokes aside, Serious Sam games demand a very different set of tactics than your average COD type game.

Straight to the point with no filler. Best strategy guide I've seen.