The Team Fortress 2 Unofficial Official Thread

if anyone wants to donate their junk weapons so I can craft hats, i’d be eternally grateful :3

Very nice Valve, VERY NICE!

Think I might dive back into this for a few nights and experience the update and try the new things.

Just beware any pure wheat environments.

So it looks like some new taunts so far?
Wonder what else is coming that deserved a pretty good 15m short.

It was good, but brevity is the soul of wit. That was honestly a little too long.

Ah, I totally disagree Telefrog. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the whole thing. My secret hope is that this is a test to see if people react favorably to a narrative short featuring the TF2 characters in the interest of releasing a full 90 minute movie!

I’m with Yo Rudy here, totally loved this. I’m glad I’m first into the office, people would think i’m crazy if they kept hearing me laughing like I was watching this.

I really liked the short as well.

The problem is with a 15 minute lead up and focusing on the Polly character, I was expecting the introduction of a new playable character.

(Why, I have no idea. I love everything about TF2’s design, except the FPS nature of the game. Much like I love everything about DOTA’s design except the competitive multiplayer nature of the game. I think I’m beginning to see the issue here…! :P )

Regardless, I enjoyed watching the short, though I’m amazed at how the tumor-bread could evoke such a strong response of revulsion in me.

There’s still two more days of stuff to come out, probably. Who knows!

Actually it does seem like they’re going to announce a female character… maybe there is some kind of new Commander Mode, with a character which is female?

I’m not up on the TF2 lore these days, but Miss Pauling is explicitly purple-themed, right? So it seems like it would be some role / resource that’s shared between the teams (i.e. a boss like Monoculus or something?)

Miss Pauling is the Administrator’s assistant. She was introduced in the This is War update comic. She’s purple because the Administrator pits the teams against each other for her own amusement and shadowy reasons.

Right, so it wouldn’t really make sense that each team would have one?

I was thinking she could be sort of like the L4D Tank or something, a special event that one team or the other could trigger, and then control in some way.

I guess a 10th class wouldn’t be that big of a stretch considering how much the items have already broken up the traditional class dynamics. A 10th class would be interesting, from that video I could see her being a sort of crossover class between Engineer, Spy, and Scout.

What do I know though, I haven’t played TF2 in literally years.

I’m ready for Team Fortress 3. TF2 was fun, but it got old once it got too silly.

You think a Team Fortress 3 would start out more serious?

I don’t want super-serious, but I don’t think you’d see 200 weapons for each class, and clown hats to start at least.

At this point, I’m pretty sure that if Valve were to make a Team Fortress 3, it would start out just like Dota 2. F2P, Workshop community uploads, and ultra-silly hats and guns right from the get go.

Soldier had me rolling.