The Team Fortress 2 Unofficial Official Thread

does the Qt3 group play on a certain server? I have been playing a little this morning…not great, but having a ton of fun.

My pc is pretty old (still using an FX5600 card), and the game runs smooth for me. Looks ok, to me also…probably not as good as what many of you are used to seeing, but it runs perfectly fine for me, and looks good too.


I say: good!

One of the things that bugs me most about multiplayer games like Battlefield or CoD (and now, it seems, Enemy Territory) is when snipers become a defining point of the gameplay experience. In big open maps, you spend 30 seconds running somewhere, and then get sniped by some guy holed up halfway across the map. And then the process repeats, because half the enemy team is sniping.

That simply doesn’t happen in TF2. Snipers are powerful, they have logical, effective camping locations, but they’re simply not given enough space in TF2 to become a dominant, game-breaking class.

They do seem a little smaller. Well is smaller than in QWTF, I think.

I wish I could find a screenshot of a gag map somebody made for QWTF that is 2fort shrunk down, with a soldier standing on the battlements who was 3 or more times the size of the building.

I started off thinking the maps were too small but after playing through all of them and getting a feel of the gameplay, it was a change for the better. The biggest difference I noticed between TF2 and FF/TFC/QWTF is that you are penalized for not knowing your surroundings. If you don’t pay attention to everything going on around you, you will die.

To snipe on most of the maps you have to know what you are doing, a great sniper can destroy opposition in most cases.

Circle strafing is alive and well :P, something satisfying about taking down an HW with the Billy Club on a scout (it’s not easy).


  1. Do unusual things and review the surroundings to find alternate ways to do/get somewhere
  2. Soldier and Demo can rocket/pipe jump, LEARN IT. (extra credit: use it boost snipers/engies to odd spots :p )
  3. Figure out who is on Def and ONLY use them, tell anyone coming near the D to swing their melee or shoot their gun (This is the old-school way of detecting spies)
  4. If you run any direction besides towards the enemy base, swing your melee or shoot your gun. (“I’m not a spy, see!”)
  5. Strategy + Teamwork > Skill

P.S. I thought I’d hate no conc jumping (I played a lot of scout/medic in clan play), but the change forces you to work together and not run in throwing every grenade you have.

P.P.S In regards to Tip 2, I think it’s CP_Granery, a good demo/soldier can quickly turn a CP standpoint into a mess. Getting on the roof of CP A or B (can’t remember which) will provide you with openings to pipe the CP and clear it for your team to make a push. On CP C it’s possible to Pipejump from the side Walkways to the CP at the top of the ramps (won a game with my mass jump to the CP).

The maps are small geographically, but I think they take about the same amount of time to travel around as the old maps thanks to the new movement speeds. Overall I think it’s much better - easier to “learn” the layouts, but on the multi-capture-spot maps there’s still a good flow. You’re not fighting all over the map all the time, unless it’s something like 2 Fort where you’re kind of supposed to. And even then it concentrates on the base entrances.

Last night, for no reason whatsoever, I stopped having that bug wherein I fall through the map and watch the whole thing rise quickly above me every time I die. Instead, I had a new bug where the scoreboard showed me with a score of zero all the time. Right there are the bottom. I know the game was counting kills and stuff, because I got MVP in one game and it showed my kills there. And my stats were updated properly. But the scoreboard had me as the big loser. I mean, one game I was a Heavy and this one Medic was my good little buddy, and we were ON FIRE. I had 14 kills before they dropped me. We got the ubercharge going twice. My heavy was yelling stuff like “WHY AREN’T YOU CRYING!?” and I was just tearing shit up. Seriously, I mean check my shit out. It was fun as hell. But the scoreboard still displayed me with a big 'ol goose egg.

A suggestion, since I know we have some Valve peeps here:
I want to adjust the volume of character voices (awesome!) vs. the volume of gun sounds (pedestrian!). But I only have sound sliders for “music” and “sound effects.” Can we break up sound effects between “sounds” and “character voices” or something? Specifically, I want louder voices and quieter guns. Or same volume guns. I just want to hear more of the awesome stuff people say all the time.

Another suggestion: I want an option to have, instead of push-to-talk voice, voice-activated voice. Where it just has a “voice threshold” above which point it broadcasts. Default that threshold to something conservative so we don’t hear the mouth-breathers, uh, breathing. And leave push-to-talk as the default. But gimme always-on voice as an option.

  1. Buy a goddamn $20 headset, or something better, hook it up, and use the V key to voice chat. This is the fastest and easiest way to communicate things like “I’m not a spy!” (a voice icon appears above the talker’s head), or “I have uber, where’s my heavy?”, or “our team has six goddamn engineers. Can we get a medic?”

I want to adjust the volume of character voices (awesome!) vs. the volume of gun sounds (pedestrian!).

Request officially requested.

Ran into major problems last night on a 2Fort server with multiple sentry guns placed in the intel rooms - basically they’re too easy to upgrade (haven’t played engineer yet but I believe the dispenser drops upgrade parts?).

Uber helped a lot but it was pretty frustrating having to get 3 or 4 rockets on to each one.

I do and we were, but you can get a lot of cross-chatter in the voice channel since O and D share the same channel. The spy detecting method I mentioned is a common method used when you don’t have time to hit your push to talk key and you don’t want your team mowing you down. Not to mention talking as you run by adds unnessary noise to the voice channel, and not everyone listens to voice. Everyone knows someone using their melee weapon or shooting a gun can’t be a spy because it would break their disguise. But how you detect the spy doesn’t matter as long as you have a method to do it whether attack, shooting, voice, ect.

BTW, mattwood from Valve is a beast on Demoman :P. Always enjoy running up against him for the challenge.

Steam id is: Garoun
Name: Garoun (BlazeWolfe)

In those cases you need spies and/or offensive Demos, or you won’t be clearing out that room without a heavy rush.

Yeah, the turret spam in certain places can be crazy annoying. I guess the counter is spies, but any competent engineer is gonna be shooting anyone who comes into that room. I certainly didn’t have any luck dealing with them as a demoman.

The turrets are almost useless in intel rooms. They take so long to lock on to anything. I was in the room with my gun and two others, all fully upgraded. A scout came in, picked up the brief case and got out only taking minimum damage. I stopped him in the hall way out but had my attention been elsewhere he would of made it out.

Something else might work, too, but it requires a team of two who can work together. Grab a medic and let’s say a demoman. Enter the enemy building once you’re close enough to übercharge.

In the two cases I played against turret spammers in the intel room, it was usually easy to get to that place even with the medic, because the rest of the place and the entrances weren’t that well guarded. One might be able to übercharge and have the doctor and his partner grab the suitcase while being unvulnerable. I’d suggest the demoman as partner because he can spam the room - likely to be home to one or two engineers who watch their guns - with grenades. He also also drop grenades in case of engineers being on their tail then.


If you use the SG basement strat, use your dispenser as a weapon in addition to the supply depot ;). Set your SG so it has LOS down the long hall, and build your dispenser a few inches into the short hall. Dispensers work well for blocking small hallways and limit speed people can move. Sure they can usually walk around the side of it but unless they hit the run or time a double jump perfectly they’ll have to stop when they get to the dispenser to jump over it. Not to mention, tell your team to only use the long hall and you’ll know to blow up your dispenser if someone comes short hall.

The pyro had the incendiary rockets and grenades in the original TF. Does he no longer have those? That really made the class back then.

There isn’t a demo yet for non-preorders is there? I need to see how it runs on my rig before committing.

  1. Built in voice chat. Mmmmmmmmm.

The pyro doesn’t have incendiary rockets? I was suprised at all the comments about him being weak at the beginning of the thread, now I understand.

I’m not truly “old-school” in that my fond TF memories come from TFC and not QWTF, but the one unique thing the pyro had going for him was Incendiary Grenades (the incendiary rockets were not that good). Basically a Pyro could set a section of terrain on fire for about 10 seconds, and anyone trying to move through the fire would light on fire (great against low HP classes like Scouts).

I second the idea of an oil slick special that the Pyro could then light on fire to get a similar effect.

Also, offensive Demoman is nuts on 2Fort. Pipe bomb jumping onto the battlements is meh-kay, but pipe bomb jumping through the hole they have just inside the entryway is your first class ticket straight into their Intel room. Plus you’ve got the perfect tool to devastate mass SGs.

Edit: Before I get flamed, Incendiary Rockets were probably the best weapon the Pyro had, which effectively made the Pyro a shitty Soldier that couldn’t rocket jump. The Pyro pretty much was a shitty soldier in TFC though, which is why he almost never got used.

  1. Built in voice chat. Mmmmmmmmm.

Same for Steam since the Community update.