The Temples of Darmanhur

Go read. Now.

Impressive feat of hobby engineering, but quite supremely tasteless…

It reminds me of a game mod, where every level has a different theme.

How so?

Crass, kitsch, mix of styles, over indulgent and relates to classic religious temples the same way Caesars Palace relates to ancient Rome or The Venitian relates to Venice. The Disney World of religion…

Yeah, ugly.

It’s from a different tradition than Vegas though. This stuff screams “hippies!”, it’s really no surprise it was conceived in the 70s. You have to admit it’s pretty amazing how it was built (amateur effort and all).

It actually reminds me a lot of the Masonic temple I toured in philadelphia. They had theme rooms just like this (egyptian, greek, etc), it was pretty tacky there as well, but I was distracted by the padded altars they had in the center of each room.