The temporary thread for Slay the Spire daily score comparisons until something more elegant comes along


It was fun, although I felt constantly out of control. The Collector was a very, very close call, here (it spun out over 40 damage, twice in a row, I had never experienced that).


I managed to get a daily run in today. It was fun. I felt overpowered for most of the fights.


Gah! I got killed by the collector when I drew a hand with no attack and no block.


Today’s run is really fun. I encountered a few nice brain twisters along the way, especially when trying to go for p-p-p-p-perfects.


I won the 12/12 daily, but just can’t get those higher scores…


I don’t think a run can get more random than today’s.


I agree, very random. I had a tough time with this one.


On the second floor, I got greedy and presented myself with 6HP left in front of the second elite. I really though I was done there.

Today’s surprisingly easy.


And today’s was crazy overpowered. Perfects after perfects.


That one was a remarquably close call: on the second floor, a rare room Elite spawn killed me, and I was miraculously saved by a 10% potion I had lying in my inventory (I think it gave bonus points at the end of the run by the way, if @robc04 is still looking for that sort of info). With 6 hit points left, I was about to meet my doom by entering another Elite room, but I had a small stop at the trader before… and the coveted Mind Blast happened.
Talk about a turn of events.


Fought half the first floor kissing death, with less than 5HP left, but it paid in the end.


I pretty much never win any of the dailies any more. No idea why.


The last 2 runs would have been tricky, if not for ransacking the many shops for their potions inventory. I did it a bit out of despite at first, because the shops weren’t proposing anything of interest, but it turned a few encounters (and an elite fight, in particular) into walks in the park. Without them I’d probably have lost a lot of health, or the run.


Typical death.


But I’m so good at this game!

To be explicit: it wasn’t skill, but the power to choose and fight each and every Elite in this daily made for crazy scoring.


This was a lot of fun - I also made a beeline for almost as many boss fights as I could (I upgraded some cards a few times instead, which probably lowered my score a bit) but I won handily and by the end felt almost unkillable. Most fights I had full 110 health, with 6 or 7 buffers ready to protect me, and plenty of block to keep me from using the buffers to begin with. So much safety. I wish I had more energy this run, so I could amplify my Echo Form’s, but man, what a freaking blast.


That was a fun run.
Mine was somewhat the reverse of yours: I was constantly low on HP, and I have been really close to dying a couple of times especially on floor 2. Floor 3 was much safer thanks to some insane offense, because I had something I bet you wish you had gotten: the Necronomicon! With Echo Form, here comes the legendary triple Thunder Strike that even your snake lady can’t resist.


Oh man, that would have been amazing.


It was a fun run. I picked Aggregate in the opening, and used it as an excuse to add cards (even curses) whenever I could. This ended in a stupid and large deck, but one which synergized nicely, for once


As usual, when in doubt: pick Snacko and add tons of costly cards blindly!