The ten best games of 2017 (so far) that you haven't played yet

My impression of Sexy Brutale was outstanding concept and art design in search of better writers and scenario designers. The murders were way too simple, usually finding out one or two steps. You spent 20% of the time figuring out the solution and 80% of your time sitting around waiting for people to slowly waddle through their routes so you could try your solution.

It was impressive how they managed to muck up what should have been a simple control scheme. It was so bad I thought for sure it was a lazy DS port but it’s PC exclusive!

If they could get the Dangonronpa writers to work with this gameplay concept and artists, now THAT would be a great game.

Looking forward to reading these. :)

“isn[’]t afraid to do things”
“Worker placmenent [sic]”
“Cryptark doesn[’]t care”
“When it[’]s all over”
“if they[’]d thought”