The Ten Doctors: Yes, it's a webcomic

I almost never post about this kind of thing.

Yes, this is a webcomic that the tells the story of an adventure featuring all ten Doctor’s.

But for epic fanwankery it’s pretty damn good.
The guy knows his stuff (oh my God, does he ever) and he’s good at capturing the tone of all the characters.

If you’re a fan you’ll appreciate just how much of the world of classic Who he manages to work in, and at its high points the plot is actually thrilling.

There’s a bit of rough flying at the start, and it goes on a bit long at the end, but considering how silly the real thing often is, he manages to do a really good job of creating something worth reading.

And he’s gets better as an artist/writer as it goes along.

No promises that you’ll love it, but give it a try…

Needs more 9!

I haven’t even read it yet and I agree with Athryn!

Here’s the link to the main page where you can choose to read it on the site, download PDFs by chapter, or take the whole thing at once.

I read the whole thing earlier this week. The guy knows his Who lore and put together a pretty decent story to boot. If it ever sees print I’d buy a copy.

Very nice find! Wish the web navigation offered a bit more than next/previous page, but that’s just a nitpick. I’ll just grab the PDFs.

I’m only about 20 pages in but it feels pretty accurate so far, in all respects. I didn’t notice right away how old (2007) this thing was, though, which was a little embarrassing when I considered the scope of the work and how successful it appears to be.

And yes, at this point 9 is underplayed. But then, he always was.

FWIW he just finished it a month or so ago.