The Thanks Thread, ChristmasHanukkaKwanzaaBuddaZoroaster Plus Version

Feel free to post your love here:

I Love that I have a home in Florida that means that the rain coming down now will not turn to snow. I have a rescue dog that during the day loves me so very much, but after dark wants to tear my face off. I have a cockatoo that is coming of age at two years and thinks my ears are chew toys. I have a mother who at 86 finally decided to get hearing aids so our conversations have less WHAT and WHAT in them. I have two lesbians in my attic that yell too loud. I have a wife who thinks that farting is not an annoyance but a science. And I have Qt3 which I love and the people in it who I love.

Thanks to all of you for being here.

I love the fact that my wife was such a jerk after our separation that I have no remorse besides it’s affect on my daughter.

I love that therapy, drugs and a deeper spiritual life have helped me feel the best I have felt in years.

I love that two successful brain surgeries have allowed me to live life in the moment, with no regrets for the past and no anxiety about the future.

Plus, I love this site and the generally thoughtful people who post here.