The theme song for Civilization IV still rocks

Title The theme song for Civilization IV still rocks
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When July 30, 2018

That’s the Angel City Chorale bringing down the house on America’s Got Talent. They are indeed talented, but their choice of song obviously helped showcase their amazing sound…

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Yeah, absolutely this. I know it was done for the show but, damn, I wish it hadn’t been abridged; knowing the piece so well makes the cuts quite jarring. Still, great to see it in a more mainstream arena. A very fitting song for a choir focused on diversity too.

A lovely perofrmance of a spectacular piece of music. Calling All Dawns is a fantastic album as a whole, anyone that enjoyed Baba Yetu should give the whole thing a listen.

Yup, Baba Yetu is fantastic.