The thing I'm going to miss most about this election cycle:

Tom Chick taking John McCain’s money. I love it every single time I see one of his terrible banner ads, especially in a thread in which he’s being pretty well criticized. McCain bashing, brought to you by John McCain. Awesome.

Doesn’t someone have to click on the banner for Tom to get paid? Or is that so 1990’s?

It’s dirty money for sure. At this point he’s doing the only thing you CAN do with dirty money. Spending it on PS3 games.

Thank you, thank you. I’m here all week folks.

Depending on the ad I believe you can get either CPC or CPM income.

Actually, either is possibly with Google AdSense. Good point.

I click on the McCain ads.

I’m gonna start doing this as well.

Has anyone else noticed his use of the Obama brand in his latest spate of web ads? It’s weird. It’s got the Obama logo and everything.

It’s hilarious, but not all that surprising given how fucking dumb his campaign is.

I see a lot of McCain ads on as well, which is amusing because Nate Silver is an Obama supporter.

I’ve noticed the fivethirtyeight banners as well and gotten a great chuckle out of that. As you read Harvard-level dissections of McCain’s impending destruction, the banner invites you to “Invest in Victory” with the McCain/Palin campaign.

Amusing but not really surprising, given the way most Internet ads these days are based on keywords of surrounding text but aren’t smart enough to differentiate a page saying McCain sucks from one saying McCain is awesome.

I do think that the people placing these ads are making a mistake by even linking them to political keywords though. Anyone reading P&R here or reading one of these other big political blog sites the ads are appearing most on has likely made up their mind many, many months ago and it would probably be a wiser spend to link these ads to neutral keywords like celebrity gossip, sports, videogames, etc.

Yeah, that’s a good point too.

Wow, this thread has spawned a NEW banner with inline video of one of McCain’s TV ads. I guess McCain is sensitive to your needs, extar!

My favorite is the “Over for Obama?” ad right next to the 93% chance of victory pie chart.