The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control

Funny, that is the reason I am increasingly abandoning pseudonyms.

  1. Shitty thing to do to reveal anyone’s name without permission.
  2. Beyond shitty to make legal threats at fans.
  3. I think his apology seems sincere, even though his explanation is pretty poor (see #1). And it doesn’t make up for #2.
  4. I would really love it if this thread didn’t become a place where arguments and their stakes become personal. Unfortunately, with Brad present, that’s almost impossible. /glares at Brad

Very sorry that’s happened to you, Elestan, just for caring about the case and the UQM community.

Since you asked, I’ll say that I think it’s shameful behavior.

A good rule of thumb is that if you used legal discovery to find out someone’s name then bringing it up outside of said legal proceedings it is a shitty thing to do.

Grayson’s a journalist and early target of Gamergate. One of the “Five Guys” that Baldwin wouldn’t shut up about.

So, my first inclination was to accept this apology, which seemed much more sincere than your first attempt, and let the matter rest. But when I returned to the Discord after my self-imposed time out, I see that after you made the apology here, you started posting things in the channel there like:

…which kind of force me to question your sincerity in saying that you will “take care not to repeat the mistake”.

I think at this stage, the balance of harm has been more than offset, Elestan.

I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you came here and posted in a moment of anger.

Your first name being mentioned in front of what? 4 people on a semi-private room for less than a minute in a conversation in which you stated you’d be perfectly fine if everyone at Stardock lost their jobs due to a preliminary injunction if Paul and Fred were in the legal right (this was in the context of whether the parties could actually be more aggressive than they are currently) and AFTER I had already apologized to you does not justify you running over here to demonize me.

Because you know what, Elestan, other people get angry too.

But what was said prior jutifies you revealing private information you got from a legal discovery? No. It. Does. Not.

The fact you attempt to rationalize your actions after “apologizing”, explains perfectly, how you couldn’t understand why P&F didn’t want to work with you.

That is not an accurate representation of what I actually said, which was:

In fact, I feel quite strongly for your employees, and hope that they all have fruitful and fulfilling careers. However, that doesn’t change my definition of right and wrong with regard to a legal matter.

Saying “I apologize for upsetting you” is not an apology.

And just to be clear, I am not “demonizing” you. I believe that I have been pretty accurately stating the simple facts of what happened, with direct quotes of what you said. If your own words and actions are portraying you in a light you feel is unfavorable, then I suggest that you take some time to reflect on them.

I finally realize what has been bugging me since the start of all this last year. I deal with adult babies all day so it wasn’t quite that. It was the ethics of even hinting the information he had about you.

Let me be perfectly clear not just with you but the others reading this: I don’t subscribe to your right to pure anonymity. I never have. Others here are well aware of my position on this. You try to harm someone in the real world, your expectation for anonymity is forfeit.

I apologized to you because it made you upset. Not because I thought I had made some sort of ethical lapse in referring to you by your, you know, first name. It was only because it upset you that I was sorry because that was not my intent.

I didn’t say he did. I already commented on how his first name came up in an earlier post. It wasn’t intended to intimidate or punish. My apology was because it upset him. Not because I thought there was an ethical lapse. I felt bad because it upset him.

My most recent response was to those that think their anonymity is somehow sacrosanct. It’s not. If you start trying to mess with someone’s real life, your anonymity is forfeit as far as I’m concerned. There’s enough people who know me who know that this is not a new position. As in, going all the way back to Usenet. But this part isn’t tied to Elestan but at those who think I should somehow feel bad for using his first name in a vacuum. I don’t.

I believe that if someone is participating in a discussion under a handle, and someone else suddenly and unexpectedly drops their real name into the conversation, most people would view that as an implied threat: “Keep this up, and I’m going to publicly unmask your real identity”. That is how I interpreted your action, and your subsequent suggestion that you might do exactly that, along with revealing my employer, only reinforces that impression.

You may not consider that unethical, but I do, especially when the name was obtained for a specific legal purpose, such as (I presume) looking to see if Paul and Fred were telling me what to say, thereby making me a “surrogate”. As you’ve no doubt discovered, they were not. And dragging me into the case with a subpoena would be pointless, as I’ve never met nor spoken to them, so you already possess every word I’ve ever exchanged with them. There’s nothing I could testify to that you don’t already know.

I would say it seems part and parcel of the recent(ish- last decade or so) siloing of people online.

I think you’re both overreacting but agree it’s a dick move to use your first name. It’s your first name, and if that were enough to “dox” you, you can already be doxxed anyway. In terms of the lawsuit, I have no idea what not playing nice with you means because I don’t know any of the context.

To be perfectly blunt, I do question why you’re bringing your drama here, though, beyond trying to tar and feather. It’s a reaction I understand if you feel you’re wronged, but still.

Ehh, first name could be hit or miss. This stuff?

12:10 AM] Frogboy : Okay, maybe it’s time to just refer to him by his full name.
12:10 AM] Frogboy : and where he works.

wtf is that?

Pretty fucking disgusting, IMO. I get Brad is mad, but step away from your damn keyboard and take a deep breath.

“I reject your reality and substitute my own!”

How will stepping away from the keyboard stop him from being a disgusting human being? This is beyond mad - its downright vile.

And yet, Brad is still surprised why people associate his political views with everything he does, even when he mixes them into his business in these ways.