The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control


Ah gotcha! yeah for sure he is 100% supportive of his ex colleagues. No doubt. He also happens to be one of the nicest men in games development. Great guy.


Regarding look-and-feel, I stumbled on a game that seems pretty egregious. I don’t know if Bullfrog ever sued these guys, but they could have, right??



Wow, yeah.


For those of you who hate the DMCA, I think you are looking at it from completely the wrong angle.

As someone above said, the DMCA is not really designed for copyright owners or infringers. It is designed to protect ISPs/hosts.

If you think about it more as a process that allows people to actually host third party content without being liable for infringing content (so long as they follow the process to take down such content), it makes a lot more sense.

It protects Steam, not Stardock or P&F.


It’s a very appropriate comparison as Paul Reiche designed both.


This is absolutely true.


It’s three posts above this one, just FYI.


That isn’t lost on us. The DMCA could have let hosts conduct more of a process in response to takedowns while providing hosts with just as much safe harbor. It’s law written or heavily influenced by media industry lobbyists.


I saw a funny quip from someone on twitter about how the takedown is totally against the spirit of the law since the law was designed to be used by companies against content creators, not the other way around.


Hosts don’t want to conduct a process. Hosts want a clear path to safe harbor.

Most real internet hosts do not want to have to engage in any process or fact finding. It adds costs and uncertainty. Let the third parties who actually are making counterclaims figure that out.


I realize Youtube doesn’t really care, but the law applies equally to hosts created by people who do care.


Oops! Sorry for the confusion!


Archon references are always appreciated. I was obsessed with that game in elementary school.


Thanks! I’m old enough to have played the old SC games but I never did…


If there was a badge in Discourse for “most times typed and deleted a response to a topic” I would CRUSH YOU ALL up in here.

That is all.


Hold! What you are doing to us is wrong! Why do you do this thing?


Mostly I don’t have anything pertinent to add other than my own opinions, and I don’t bear Brad any ill will (in fact he did me a real solid one time when I really needed one) even if I think he’s being a jerk about this whole thing.

And I especially don’t bear any ill will toward all the other lovely people at Stardock, whose crimes in the main are limited to busting ass to make the best games they can.

So I take especial care to not shitpost in this topic, given my personal history and the emotions that run hot at times in here. My takes aren’t funny or novel enough to risk causing any distress to people I like.


Stardock gets a massive amount of good will from me for their hard stand against Starforce at a time when DRM was blossoming evil. Starforce PR was from the devil itself, even posting links to Stardock torrents so that people could pirate them. Good on Brad and Stardock to fight against that.

Never played Star Control, but it seems without Stardock, folks would not be seeing a new entry in this franchise any time soon. That also seems pro gamer. Lot’s to like there. I hope they don’t get too hurt by this mistake.


I mean, there’s irony here in that what starting making this come to lawsuits was because Stardock started selling Star Control 1 and 2 as their own game and then sued the original makers of Star Control, which prevents them from making their own game.


It’s like some guy selling you his truck nuts, and then thinking that you own his truck