The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control


Ah, of course there are author contracts–the equivalent of the October 1988 contract between Accolade and Paul. Makes sense that in these days when a young adult book series can become a huge moneymaker that a publisher would make sure to clarify exactly who owns what under what circumstances. Thanks, JoshoB. Also for the Voyager example.


Geez, what this thread really needs is Alan Emerich in here and we all start bashing MOO 3 all over again.


So when is this shocking tale of derring-do going to be revealed? I’m running out of popcorn.


Is this the most productive way to contribute to this thread? What does MOO3 have to do with the Star Control lawsuit? Have you read at all about the issue at hand?


Here’s a case of a Malaysian developer retrieving their game from a defunct/scam publisher with a takedown request that wormed the Steam list back into their control.


Sorry, just being obscure. Essentially I was rolling my eyes about old fights being brought up again; specifically Derek Smart pile ons.



that chart reminds me of this lawsuit, which was settled:


It’s inevitable that eventually we will run out of musical notes and it will become very very hard to write a song that does not infringe on some past recording. Copyright expiration will not be enough to stem this.


Heh, if individual notes were owned eventually everything ends up being discordant noise as in order to avoid already used notes everything is some arbitrary number of cents off pitch. The last original composition is just a sixteen measure hold of F# +37cents as that is the last unclaimed sound.


So Brad has either had no communication with GOG or no commitment on their part. Interesting.


There are around 82,500,000,000,000,000,000 melodies that are 10 notes long.

In the future we do exhaust that, don’t worry; radio will still play the same 20 songs over and over again every day


How many of those melodies are beyond the skills/imaginations of the average garage band? How many hundreds of songs are based on 12-bar blues?


Don’t matter. Someone will autotune the shit out of it and the kids will love it.


How many combinations of boots and cats are there really, anyway?


For every Boomer that hates a Millennial, there’s a generation in between that hates them both.

-Gen X


There’s a scene in the “This Is Pop” XTC documentary where Andy Partridge (who admits he could never really play guitar normally, and the reason he started writing songs was because he simply couldn’t figure out how to play the most basic songs from the records he liked) picks up his guitar, lays his fingers randomly across the frets, and there on the spot writes a chorus so brilliantly catchy that it’s dying to find its way into a real song.

So…I’m gonna say we’ve got a ways to go.


I don’t think Stardock cares about GOG. The games are almost never on sale there, not even the old ones. They just upload the games there for the few extra pennies it’ll net them. Their focus is clearly on Steam, so I don’t think Brad will lose much sleep over Origins not being available there.


Hey did Derek ever deliver his bombshell? Just concerned I may have missed it.


He’s just waiting for legal to clear it. Should be any minute now. 90 days tops!