The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control


Good lord.


I played 4 hours or so. I found the writing fun, but not engaging enough to deal with the very slow progression and uninspiring gameplay, both planet side and combat (although I only saw, well, the combat you can see in the first 4 hours).

With this pace I would have needed something more serious and crunchy. The light hearted narrative seems to demand springier controls and a more polished arcade feel and rythm. It felt disjointed, for lack of a better word. I can appreciate why it’s so, but it stays too close to the original and it proves the mechanics would have needed to be reimagined, I think.


oh, you can change the zoom… neat. I also hated that

I hate the limited arena for battle too because of the zoom. I was fuckin full-send in a battle last night and I had so much speed going that I just died in the void because of how fast I was going… didn’t know I was near the edge until I plowed through an asteroid belt and right into the deathly void.

I found you can confuse the AI by simply not moving in battle…

I agree with your critical review so far… but I’m going to give it more time… I just fired up CheatEngine to get some RU so I can stop spending time resource farming. It doesn’t add to the game for me at all… I hate resource grinds in any game and it generally stops me from playing anything like that.


There’s actually a thread for gameplay discussion separate from the legal wranglings.


ah, I’ll take this long ass post I just wrote and go find that.


Valve must have people on staff just to reinstate Grimoire (Cleve Blakemore) reviews…


The incline is all around us, we just have to see.


So I was walking down the sidewalk on Market Street during GDC, and I see a familiar face. It takes a second to place Paul Reiche. And who do you think he’s with?? These guys really are attached at the hip.

I should have gone into professional-introduction mode, but I basically went right in to fan-boy mode; I must have been talking 90-miles-a-minute. I told them SC2 was my favorite game of all time, blathered briefly about who I am, and said good luck in the legal struggle and that I hope they will eventually get to make Ghosts of the Precursors.

NO I didn’t get a selfie with them, because I’m too self-conscious for that!


That’s my big issue, I just found Stardock’s version of this game to be well, boring.

Good writing, but gameplay was just mediocre in the most mediocre of ways. Sorcerer King was more entertaining.


Aw, and I thought we we’re going to get the surprise!


I had hoped for an update, too.

Oh well. Might as well share a picture of a puppy then.


Idea: an animal shelter that puts tons of work into renderings of dogs and landing pages so people pay $1-2k to adopt the dog. And they can take it home and play with the full dog right away.


I had my cryin’ eyes all ready!


In addition, the court denies GOG’s motion to dismiss Reiche and Ford’s claims against them (which is not a finding on the merits, just a statement that those claims can proceed.)

This isn’t a slam dunk for F+P in that the suit is far from over, but it’s yet another in the steady drip-drip-drip of Stardock’s attorneys being generally out-lawyered in the pleadings.


It really does seem the JV team is writing Stardock’s complaints. I chuckled at this bit regarding the claims that the dismissed counts “are not solely predicated on the DMCA take-down notices”.

“Submission of the DMCA notices is not offered as “but one
example,” Opp’n at 9, but rather, the only example of interference. In fact, given the
absence of words such as “including” or “for example,” the plain language of the claims
does not even suggest an intent to rely on other acts of alleged interference.


Was this Derek’s big announcement teased a few months ago?


No. It’s not something he could have known.


Derek is the omnissiah.

It knew.


Sorry to whoosh you, but…whoosh.