The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control

No you didn’t.

I only buy locally made, artisanal, organic indie games. If the graphics ever look better than Dominions, then you know the devs have sold out. :D

Oh god, the fake treacly nerd settlement babble is making me kind of throw up in my mouth.

Hey, I just cost you a hundred grand or so. Hey, honey and mead, oh yay!

That’s splitting hairs; while ignoring the main premise of what just happened.

They’ve been in settlement phase - a requirement of most lawsuits like this - for almost a year now; right from back when Brad made a ridonculous offer which we all laughed at; and which was discarded out of hand.

Again. Up to 2 days before they settled, I knew about it, and that they hadn’t reached a settlement. I posted here that there was still no settlement; and less than 24 hrs later, they had settled and bits of it were public via the legal filings.

You said we weren’t expecting it until you mentioned it, and obviously since I remembered it being mentioned in the docs some of us were. No splitting hairs involved.

For someone in the know though you certainly seemed surprised by events considering they apparently had the agreement between themselves for weeks and it was down to lawyers finalizing it.

I bet it was quite a bit more than that for both parties.

May have been. Just seemed like a nice, round number. 🙂

Or you are just full of shit.

This. I’ll never buy a game from them again.

This is easy…

Jun 6th, 2019 @ 6:16pm

Jun 7th, 2019 @ 10:29am

Jun 7, 2019

Settlement docs filed on PACER

Jun 7, 2019 @ 11:20pm

F&R accounting of how it went down. And it’s in stark contrast to any previous public discussions of the on-going settlement talks.

Your move.

18 days ago:

Another mention by thrag 3 days after that. You mention “no settlement” 8 days after that 2nd post. So once again it is you that are wrong about when people here thought a settlement was in the works.

Derek wants to act like he knows something but it is quite obvious he does not as he has been wrong at every turn on this case. A coin flip would have been more accurate.

90%+ of lawsuits settle, and this is just another one that did. It’s usually the only way to get a mutually acceptable outcome, and this case had way too many complicated IP interactions between trademark, copyright, and the contractually allowed uses thereof. I was kind of curious as to whether this case would lead to a decision unpacking the question of how to resolve a split between who owns the trademark and the copyright when only one party wants to use their rights in commerce.

Prediction: nobody will change their mind about that particular party in the lawsuit that they hated because they were so bad, whoever that may be.

Once in a while, you could just admit you were wrong. Nothing bad about a tiny bit of humility. Plus I think it makes people respect those who can make that turnaround. I’m not trying to pile on or anything - just a suggestion from someone who is often wrong about stuff.

Derek’s error is in flaunting his backchannel knowledge when instead he should realize the situation is fluid enough and his knowledge incomplete enough that he should just keep his mouth shut or he’s going to look like a fool. It’s not an error of fact, it’s an error of judgment.

So much Derek love here. :D

Has anyone here had mead? I had it at Spielessen once. I enjoyed it. Overpriced though, but that is probably down to the venue.

Some friends and I dabbled in zymurgy back in college and one of them made a mead which came out pretty good. I was also in Boulder Colorado not long ago and visited Redstone Meadery which had a few varieties and was quite nice overall without being terribly overpriced.

Mead is rather expensive compared to beer because honey is a lot more expensive than grains or extracts used to make beer. For homebrewing a 5 gallon batch is typical (5 gallons being the starting volume, you end up with less at bottling time). For a five gallon batch of mead you need 15 pounds of honey (typically, more of less can be used depending on the desired strength of the mead), which is around 1&1/4-1&1/2 gallons of honey.

Good to see the arguments in this thread will keep going long after the case is finished.

Except for the part where I wasn’t flaunting anything.

I hadn’t even posted in this thread for several weeks. Suddenly I appear. And there’s a settlement a day later; after what I already knew led me to believe there would be no settlement. Yeah, OK - that was totally a coincidence, amiright?

I mean, it’s not as if I came here after @peterb got wind of the PACER filings and posted them.

Not that I care either way, but it’s fun watching you guys tie yourselves in knots over a non-issue. So, by all means, do carry on.

Yeah, the Brad-haters are just trying to pile on me (the one person who doesn’t give a sh*t either way) because I was siding with him, and because we’re friends.