The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control


Reiche & Ford strenuously object to Stardock’s abusive attempts to depose Mark Palmer, litigation counsel for Reiche & Ford. Stardock has not offered any justification for deposing an attorney of record in this case.

Wtf? Is that kind of thing supposed to happen?


No and I would extremely surprised if the Judge lets Stardock depose the opposing counsel.


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I would think that if the attorney had dealt with the other contracts/deals in question it might be reasonable, but I would think the questioning would be very narrow.


Seems possible it could have to do with the PR company P&F hired. Previous filings mentioned meetings where both the lawyers and PR folks were involved, and Stardock had been trying to find out what was discussed in those meetings. I always assumed that their goal with that was to prove that P&F had an explicit strategy of trying to defame Brad personally.


How in the world isn’t that privileged?


That’s what P&F argued last June. I’m not sure I know how that subpoena request turned out.

EDIT: The discovery list sent out earlier today lists Singer and Associates (the PR firm) as receiving a subpoena from Stardock.


We’ve known about that, though; P&F moved to quash it last April.

One thing I don’t see on Stardock’s list: Anyone who might have a plausible competing copyright claim to SCII.

Stardock also subpoenaed Rob Dubbin, the guy who interviewed P&F at GDC 2015. I wonder what they’re trying to get out of him?


Rod called Brad a poopyhead or something.


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The googles show me this:

I’d assume he’d be questioned about whether Paul or Fred put him up to making those tweets or something along those lines.


How is his motivation for tweets relevant to the case for chrissake? This is just bullying via subpeona.


I assume it ties into things Brad said here like:

Which is pretty hilarious considering all the various tweets he’s been making that I won’t bother to dig up.


Forget the tweets, he publicly filed a lawsuit accusing them of being liars and frauds.He’s literally filed a legal document in the court accusing them of being con men. You don’t really get to clutch your pearls after that.


Sure, I’ll happily defend his right to try to make that case, but what does that have to do with this copyright and trademark case?


It does come down to how Stardock is desperate to find angles to demonstrate damages. Given the lackluster sales, and the uphill battle trying to prove that sales would have been some multiple if not simply for the GoTP announcement, they have little choice to try throw everything possible into the complaint as they have.

They will try to push the theory that everything, every bit of damage Stardock has done to itself and its reputation, has a root cause in P&F’s actions and so they deserve not only millions from the lost sales of SC:O P&F caused, but millions more due to the coordinated campaign to fraudulently damage Stardock’s reputation.

Or basically, it’s P&F fault that Brad decided to go and personally alienate half the fan community. They made him do it. So for everyone who commented on the internet that they’d never buy a Stardock game again due to, say, the threats against the UQM community, P&F owe Stardock not only for a copy of SC:O but for any and all future games they won’t be buying.


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