The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control


Stardock should probably update their press contacts listing then, as she’s listed as it right now!

Maybe I’m misreading but the whole “random twitter users” thing that Wardell is agreeing with really comes off as ‘pretending there isn’t a connection’, especially since I don’t think anywhere in there I would have known just who this lady was if someone didn’t point out



Alexandra Miseta is the person who filed the sexual harassment lawsuit back in uh, 2009?

e: 2010. Literally the first Google result for “miseta stardock”, please don’t pillory me.

I don’t think that’s a terribly current page. Though you’re right that Stardock should absolutely take it down, given that it’s ridiculously out of date.


Wait what, she is? It’s have to be 2009 since that’s when Elemental War of Magic was released, wasn’t it?


I don’t know, he says directly to her “I’m so sorry they’re dragging you into this”. To me that sounds more familiar than trying to play her off as a random stranger or something.


To give the benefit of the doubt, it sounds like they at some point did PR for Stardock but their involvement in anything SC:O related may be minimal. Getting a subpoena is indeed stressful and annoying and potentially costly. Someone with peripheral involvement in a suit certainly isn’t going to be happy about it. Of course their involvement may have been minimal from their perspective, but from P&F’s it’s an unknown that they’d been foolish not to investigate.

In the construction suit I’m unfortunately a plaintiff in the defense subpoenaed every contractor who ever even looked at the place for any reason at all. I felt bad for them all, since some of they were just guys who came in and looked at the damage and said they couldn’t help me since it was a bit beyond their expertise. However from the defense’s perspective I understand why they did it.

In discovery I had to hand over any and all emails that had to do with any construction or remodeling of the property, even if they were just requests for someone to come take a look and maybe bid on some work. The defense’s attorneys would be remiss in their responsibilities as attorneys if they didn’t pursue any and every avenue to find someone other than their client to blame for the defect, so they all got subpoenas.

In the light of this particular suit Stardock subpoenaed a guy who, as far as I can tell, is only involved via giving the GDC interview in 2015 and making one set of pro-P&F tweets. So while the recipient of the subpoena has a right to whine a bit about it, Stardock trying play it for PR is laughable at best.


That’s actually what made me think they were trying to play it off as her not being connected, to be, if only 'cuz it’s being said over Twitter and it comes off as performative, especially since I don’t see anyone mentioning who the lady is in context.

EDIT: And like, Wardell has a habit of using misleading context and omitting important information for his PR efforts.

When did the whole ‘P&F are not the creators of Star Control’ bit start up? As a part of the complaint mentioned was Stardock’s false claims against P&F, which I assume is why she was subpeona’d.


Jesus fucking Christ. You guys, be mad at Brad. Be mad at Stardock. But don’t come strapped with ancient web listings.

Go up one level from the previous link that @Neremworld dropped and you get this:

Yeah, MediaTour2009, what’s up?!

Last updated 10/23/2017.



It’s literally what I got when I googled her name and Stardock, first link.

EDIT: Re-editting this to be more gentle: It was last updated in 2017, which would absolutely put her as part of the lawsuit’s scope. … I actually dunno why they updated it in 2017 and left both her and Mieseta’s name in 2017 if neither of them, especially Mieseta, worked there. According to the dude she last worked there at 2015 which, was when everything began, though I’d have to really look to get a good view of what kind of PR she was pushing out. I’m guessing they subpeona’d everyone who had worked at Stardock’s PR since things began, which would include her.

EDIT2: Wait hold on. 2015? Wasn’t that the time that Stardock’s blogs and stuff was using Star Control 2 artwork and assets as part of their marketing for Galactic Civilization III? For example, This page? I wonder if this is why she’s being subpeona’d then.


Because in a case like this you subpoena…


That’s fair. I mean, I was wondering about her specifically though, if she stopped working in 2015. Buttt, her working for them when they were blatantly copyright infringing is probably a good enough reason.


To echo a sentiment Peter touched on above when talking about the costs of DMCAing everyone, the relative costs of doing these things isn’t much.

I’ve also mentioned before that Stardock called the game and the game they called was hardball. So in light of the rules of the game that was chosen subpoenas like this Tinsley one from P&F, or the Dubbin one from Stardock, are hardly out of the ordinary. Even in a less hardball lawsuit anyone who might be involved can be likely get a subpoena.

Another perspective on this suit to consider, and one that I will first admit is an assumption I am making, goes back to the Frungy Defense Fund. You can look at that as P&F being desperate and trying to raise cash to fight the suit, or as a PR move, or in any number of lights. But at this point I look back at that not as a plea for help, but as a declaration that they are willing to spend what it takes and if people want to help, well, so much the better. Their actions in the suit haven’t been of someone running on empty and hoping to settle before they have to give in due to lack of funds. I think they’ve consigned themselves to the expense, set aside the funds, and are fully prepared for nine innings of hardball.


I am reminded that Wardell has called his intentions for the lawsuit ‘total war’, I think that was the exact phrasing. Literally do anything to win.


all out war

The word “galvanize” comes to mind.


Yeah no kidding.


I assume this used to be the GOG page for SCO?

However, I can still see the DLC for SCO.

Not only that, from the DLC pages I can actually add the base SCO game to my cart, and it shows up on checkout. I didn’t try to complete checkout though.


I can’t access it through the DLC.


I can’t get to the SCO page from the DLC, either.

But on the DLC page, there is a button that will directly add the base SCO game to the cart (presumably since I don’t own it), and it seems to work as expected.


Wouldn’t surprise me if GOG wasn’t incompetent when it came to takedowns, considering how they started this whole mess.


The best part of that is Brad blathering about P&F “poisoning the well” for future collaboration. Complete lack of self-awareness.


It makes sense. Regardless of whatever the reality might be, Brad is obviously 100% convinced he is in the right. You don’t pour this kind of money into lawyers or take things all the way to court if you’re not. If he is 100% in the right, then P&F are practically terrorists trying to shut down or at the very least throw a wrench in his game and are dragging anyone and everyone involved into their evil scheme from his POV.