The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control


The best option would have been Stardock making a new game without touching the IP they did not acquire. A “settlement” as you suggest would mean the defendants in this case were forced to cede some of their creative work. Having gone through, for example, the Atari documents extensively I could find nothing – not one single item – that suggested Stardock had any claim to the SC1 and SC2 universes. They had some claim to Star Control 3 and the alleged rights to the mark Star Control, which is now in dispute.

I have yet to see Stardock show anyone anything from their auction documents that shows otherwise. I have seen them repeat arguments about what they believe copyrights are that were already rejected by the court. Ready to change my opinion at any time when someone uncovers something from the Atari sale that is not just the mark and “STAR CONTROL FRANCHISE”, meaning the rights to use the mark in sales, and no rights to the lore etc. from the original Star Control games.

Had Stardock made a new game entirely instead of repeatedly trying to force an inheritance of a legacy they did not own things would be different. At this point I’m really looking forward to the trial.


To the best of my knowledge, there have been no emails or documents publicly released describing the interactions of the parties between P&F’s announcement in early October 2017 and Stardock’s lawsuit being filed in December, so if you have such, I would be very interested in seeing them.

There might have been some materials that Brad revealed on a Stardock NDA channel before the gag order was imposed, but barring that, I believe we have only Brad’s assertions about what P&F were saying to him, and I’m not willing to let him put words in their mouths.


Except that P&F aren’t creating any mud. It’s more like Brad demanding that they give him their furniture, and P&F saying “It’s our furniture, and we moved out of that house 20 years ago; go buy your own”. And then having him sue them over it.

There’s a far greater chance of the court declaring the trademark abandoned, because that actually happens if you don’t use trademarks. Brad would have to find a place where P&F explicitly said they were abandoning their copyrights to get them declared abandoned.


The petty childish bullshit, one day mankind is going to wake up and build cool shit without arguing about who owned what.


Hmmm, if it’s not in any of the court documents, I must have picked it up from the Stardock Q+A thread. Not the most reliable of sources, I know. I’ll see if I can find the exact quotation in my notes somewhere, but no promises.


Probably there’s a reason why Stardock didn’t submit them to the court.


Was information or opinion regarding this case discussed on this channel by Stardock people? If so I would think the associated logs would be part of discovery. I would be curious as to what was mentioned there.


I’m aware of the existence of at least one private area of the Stardock forums and at least two different private channels on their Discord, although my understanding is that some or all of these were shut down following the leak of Brad’s threat to eliminate the UQM community. So the case was certainly discussed there, and I would be shocked if the entire content of those NDA areas wasn’t under Discovery by P&F. It would, however, also be covered under a Protective Order, which means that only the parts of it that are actually used as court exhibits will be revealed.


It’s back up on GoG. I guess they didn’t wait weeks before actually sending a counter-noticie like they appear to have done for the original takedowns.

Stardock’s PR efforts for SC:O continue to be, interesting. Every once in a while I search twitter for “Star Control” to see if there is any news there. Stardock’s promotions of the game there have been pretty few and far between. However their head of PR decided to take time out of his day to reply to a random tweet from almost two months ago about the original takedown to strangely gloat over the game being relisted with a “sorry, not sorry” gif.

This is what their Public Relations Specialist thinks is a good use of their time? Attempted point scoring against random twitter users? Does the company intentionally hire people whose emotional development ended in middle school?



Anddd it’s back off of GOG now. I didn’t even know it was off Steam again, unless he’s just dumb and think they’re talking about when it was taken down in January. But if you go to the GOG page right now, it’s gone. Still up on Steam.


It really was up again earlier. I wonder what the hell is going on.


I can just imagine the guy at GOG whose job it is to put it up and take it down.
“You want it down again? sigh
“Make up yer goddamn minds”


Yeah I even made a post elsewhere that it was back up, but well, as you can see, I was very elaborately being pranked.

EDIT: I mean, if it was being DMCA’d like Wardell claimed, then it has to be down like at least a week or something? Seems awfully fast for it to get brought back up in a day. The bringing-back-up mighta been a mistake.


I think the answer to all those questions is: yes, apparently.


Anyone know of any genuine updates to this saga? God help me I’m living vicariously on this madness!


DIdn’t you read Derek’s amazing inside scoop that he advertised last month?


Did he dish it yet? I thought he only hinted at something.


No, Mike is just gloating about the earth-shattering news not materializing. Which is of course fun, but is it really worth the risk of Derek returning?


Derek never left.

The real Derek is inside us all.