The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control

New proposed order and stipulation filed, proposing moving the deadlines from 6/3 to 6/7.

Where do you see the docs? I had just looked on the Court Listener page a few minutes before you posted and they were listed but the docs not available.

They’re on PACER.

So if settling with the Great Satan, how will fans react? Or are they weary of the fight as well? Some of the fans had gotten pretty tweaked about the lawsuit, on both sides.

I’d imagine most will just be happy if Ghosts of the Precursors gets made. I think those that would demand a pound of flesh are a tiny minority.

Also, which fans?

Pick any side. I believe there are rabid ones on either.

If by rabid fans on both sides you mean Stardock, sure.

Some people complain about Disney due to TLJ.

Some people complain about Stardock wrt Star Control.

Cleve Blakemore complains about Qt3 because that’s what he does.

No settlement.

You’re the settlement.

Wait, was “No settlement” the inside scoop Derek teased months ago!?!?

@dsmart is that a prediction or a statement of fact?
Do we have any details yet?

What he meant was: “No, settlement!”


Details are confidential, but at this point it’s look like it’s off to trial.

Even if the parties don’t settle now, there will be other openings for settlement talks. By late July, all of the evidence should be in and depositions should be done, such that both sides can better see how strong their case is. And in December, after the Judge has ruled on Summary Judgement motions, there’s a mandated settlement negotiation before proceeding to trial. I think that the December talks are the most likely point where things will settle.

If the details are confidential then you should not be privy to them as you are not a party in the lawsuit. Even if somehow you were provided confidential information, then your statements means confidential details are not being held as such. Or these details are not confidential. Any way you cut it, your assertions are either false or monumentally reckless. This all goes without addressing your Grand Canyon-sized credibility gap that makes any statement of yours subject to dismissal in the first place.

I think a reasonable interpretation of that is that it’s okay to be aware that the settlement talks are off but that the details of why they’re off is confidential and that he doesn’t know.

That’s a big challenge in reading Derek’s stuff. He often alludes to knowing more than he actually does. No offense, bro. That’s just how you come off sometimes.

Lol, yes, Derek has no idea how he comes off and definitely doesn’t intentionally insinuate that he knows so very many things that lesser men can only dream of and beg for whatever scraps he generously lets fall.