The Third Doctrinal War -- Stardock, Reiche/Ford, and Star Control

I think I said it nicer. :)

Ars put this up today. I think part of this was released already under the “war stories” series and this is the whole interview.

Do they dish on the Late Unpleasantness?

This is just extended footage from an old video before everything was settled.

They don’t talk about the suit at all, which is wise when you’re in litigation.

I did detect a few notes of emphasis that might have been influenced by the lawsuit, though. For example, they go into detail on how they made Star Control I&II, including showing their copious design notes. At the time of the interview, Stardock was trying to claim that they hadn’t actually created the game, but rather had sponged off the talent of famous artists and designers like Erol Otus and Greg Johnson. They explain that most of those talented co-creators happen to be their high school friends and D&D buddies.

Paul and Fred updated their website today:

That’s it. That’s the tweet post.


Two years to the day.

How about that.

Previous links to the Dogar & Kazon blog seem to be dead.

Wow, yeah. Some things like the sketchbooks are still there, but for example this link from above regarding the impending settlement is gone.

as is the settlement announcement

Makes sense to leave the distracting idiocy in the past.

I had actually checked their site this morning and it was still showing the 6/11/2019 announcement on the front page. They must have just done this end of day.

So this is gonna be the thread for Star Control 4, the official sequel to Legend Entertainment’s seminal masterwork, Star Control 3?

Heh. It’s probably best to keep this already overlong thread limited to P&F <-> Stardock relations, and use a new one to discuss any new game developments by either side.

I like that idea. Let’s bail on the court shenanigans and start over with new game speculation.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Elestan — their last post was 11 months ago.

Welcome back!

The game will have a chunk of nostalgia to deal with and there are lots of potentially disappointing pitfalls both narratively and mechanically. I for instance dearly hope they get rid of the awful resource gathering system.

I’m looking forward to their sequel.
I’ll happily make a thread once they confirm at least a temporary name.

Please god yes

edit also the combat. I only want to have silly conversations with aliens and to solve puzzles.

You know what would be awesome is separate difficulty sliders, like the Silent Hill games. They let you tailor the combat and puzzle difficulty separately. Maybe in some hypothetical Star Control IV you could scale for Survival (resource collection), combat frequency and difficulty, maybe other stuff too. I’d love something like that.



I agree, Paul & Fred’s new game should have its own thread. But the post didn’t say anything about the new game, so it felt maybe a little early for that.

Since we’re all here, check out this homage to the original flagship image from SC2’s opening cinematic, created by Chris Bischoff, the brilliant isometric artist who made the game Stasis, et al. I just saw it today for the first time thanks to the Star Control Fans twitter account.

<looks suspiciously at all of you>

Star Control 2 is one of the great “kitchen sink” games, so I’m loathe to propose that any element get excised entirely. I think they could make resource gathering less of a slog, or make random combat encounters more fun and less punishing, but think about all the other systems that get cut off at the knees if you don’t have those–what am I upgrading my ship for? What am I collecting new tech for? How do I benefit if I ally with an alien race?

I don’t usually like games that try to do include every conceivable system, but SC2 does everything in a tight, efficient, fun-focused way that works to me. There are a million improvements they could make to the formula, but don’t yank out any whole ingredients!

I’m not sure if it’s rosy goggles, but I think I liked every aspect of SC2. But maybe I don’t have the patience now since we have fifty bajillion games on our queues, whereas back then I may have had uhhhh just sc2 at the time lol. So one game and I HAD to like it :)