The thread for police reforms

Axon (Taser) pretty much owns the entire market, and they bundle storage with the cameras. I’m not sure the cost but it should already be baked into any town/city of reasonable size.

Shouldn’t the camera be on and recording at all times and just overwrite the oldest footage as it goes? They could easily store 24 hours of footage. My home cameras can store a week of footage on a 128GB microSD card.

Then if there’s an incident, triggered either by the officer manually hitting a button or the camera noting gunshots or even raised voices, it marks the previous hour and the next 4 hours as undeleteable.

Even better would be a system that streams all footage to a data center at all times.

Somewhat, yes, but you do have to account for things like going to the bathroom. Once you do that, then you’re going to have to define when they can and can’t be turned on or off, which will then be lobbied by the union for Off as much as possible, and a compromise will occur, and the likely result is that the cops get a loose definition of when they must be On, allowing them to argue for why they were Off.

Not advocating this situation, just that’s my take on where we are right now.

Which ideally is paired with a jury instruction like “if the camera was not on/footage is not available, you may make an adverse inference against the defense” prescribed by law.

Cop gets payout after being beaten by cops.

(Michigan edition)
Cop who’s an angry, racist, pill popper loses job from one department, hired by another because they “didn’t do a very thorough background check”. Maybe the Police Chief/Sheriff hiring these people should lose their jobs as well.

I don’t know if this goes here, but I think the cop could have pointed his pistol at the guy and told him to drop the weapon instead of immediately firing several rounds at him, considering the weapon was pointed downward:

“I was scared for my life!”

If they ever actually get de-escalation training, apparently cops only remember it when faced with white suspects.

But of course. Also, Florida.

It’s probably ill advised to answer the door with a gun in your hand, when the cops are knocking on your door.

Doesn’t mean the cop was right to shoot him, but that seems seems dumb to me. Don’t do that.

Well, when “cops” are knocking. That’s the thing, literally anyone can say they’re the police.

And if your rights can get you killed by exercising them in view of an agent of the State, you don’t have those rights.

Ya, I totally get all that… but I’m still not generally gonna answer the door with a gun.

Honestly, I’m probably not gonna answer the door with a gun in my hand, even if it’s not the cops.