The thread for police reforms

I doubt the acorn attacks and dog murders were written up as such by the cops either.

Heh, talk about biased journalism!

They won and the dogs lost, so they get to write the history. Also, dogs have terrible spelling.

That dog died last week. I feel like that’s some kind of weird allegory.

Nope, just part of the ‘partnership’ between the cops and our community.

Near Burlington, VT, mistakes were made:

Imagine the police were at your school to give a speech, and they wanted to do a little skit about how faulty the memories of bystanders can be. Maybe someone could have walked in wearing a gorilla mask and then the kids would have been quizzed on the color of his shirt. But instead someone came in with a ski mask, shooting what turned out to be blanks from what turned out to be a fake gun.

Two students who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the class was facing the front of the room listening to a detective speak when they heard screams from behind them. Two women ran in, the students said, followed by a man wearing a ski mask who was holding a gun. Then gunshot sounds rang out.

One of the students said she dove on the floor, scraping her knee. The other said she scrambled to find her phone so that she could text her mother.

“I’m shaking and crying because I’m like, Oh my god, I’m gonna get shot,” she said. “It felt so real.”

The students realized it was fake only after noticing that the cops in the room had done nothing to stop the pretend shooter, they said.

Though if it was a real shooter, would they have done anything?

Use the students as human shields?

I like that the pro-gun solution is that everyone needs to experience a shooting, even if it’s just a drill.

The Gun cannot fail, it can only be failed.

I guess that goes in the “arguments against the police act like an occupying force” bucket, since our actual occupying forces are (generally) smarter than that. And also have much stricter rules of engagement to go along with the better skill with arms.

Yeah, but what about the countless criminal gangs armed with anti-vehicle mines on the streets of America.

Additional data point for determining whether ACAB is too extreme a position:

All priests are bastards?


All cops are as bad as priests?

There are something like 700k full time police officers in the US, so while hundreds of them committing crimes against kids is bad, you’re talking like 0.18%, so not really data that supports painting them all as child molesters.

One of the kind of disturbing things about the Post’s reporting there, is that apparently 40% of the cops CONVICTED of sexually abusing kids, didn’t serve prison sentences? Like, they only did a little bit of child molestation? Barely an inconvenience!

It does seem like cops experience the kinds of memes we see in police procedurals where judges seem to overly weigh their “history of service to the community” when deciding sentences. IMHO, it should go the opposite way because they’re betraying the trust of that same community.

I agree times ten thousand percent.

Absolutely. If you hold a place of power and trust in the community, you need to be held to a higher standard than the average person, not a lower one.