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Was that originally done as a made for TV movie and then became a series? I do remember the early shows being pretty scary.


Either TV movie then series, or (and I think this was it) part of their rotating Saturday night movies, where they had a few different long form series.


That’s possible. I remember Columbo and a couple other shows taking turns on Sunday nights, McCloud I think.


McMillan and Wife?


NBC Sunday Mystery Theater was what it was called. A rotating set of detective shows featuring the above three mentioned (Columbo was the best) and A-Team’s George Peppard as Banacek, gruff Richard Boone as horse-riding lawman Hec Ramsey, and a few others. There was also a Wednesday night version with some less popular detectives.

Loved the opening theme music by Mancini.


Yes, originally just a TV movie by Dan Curtis, the Night Stalker (which is still one of the great vampire movies, in my opinion), then a sequel movie, the Night Strangler, also by Curtis, followed by a short-lived series, which maintained a reasonable high quality for the time (and inspired X-files, etc. afterwards)


I loved that show. I can still hum the theme music as he rowed down the river. :)


Okay, bit of family issues. Anyway. I’ll try to wrap this up in a single post so that others may do their own, and so much better than I could.

Ants are not scary until you see them up close. And if they have human eyes, they are in the uncanny valley long before the term was coined.

The size of the ship and the size and speed of the Zanti do not matter. This is your basic morality play. But I think it works perfectly today. Ultimately you ask yourself… Were the Zanti telling us the truth? Could they actually destroy us?


I don’t remember much of the Zanti episode really, except how freaky they looked.

And I don’t mean to horn in on your thing here, but I’m totally going to do it anyway. Mainly because I want @Navaronegun (and anyone else who is interested, naturally) to watch my all-time favorite Outer Limits episode: Demon with a Glass Hand.

The episode was written by Harlan Ellison, of whom we have already established I am a devoted fanboy - I make no bones about that. What’s special about this episode - outside the fact that it’s really good - is that this was my introduction to Ellison’s work, just me and a late night TV viewing.

I’m not going to say much about the episode - it’s just an hour, and I think it benefits from going in cold. It stars Robert Culp, and in fact the internet tells me Ellison wrote the script with him in mind to star. You’ll probably recognize the primary shooting location from another famous science fiction work.

I have always thought that the best science fiction introduces us to new ideas - nothing against fun sci-if that just goes “pew pew” but it’s not quite the same. And Ellison usually has a lot of ideas, and this one has a few that I think were ahead of their time.

Looks like you can watch the entire episode for free at DailyMotion - I only watched the first few minutes so I may be wrong. So here it is, submitted for your approval:


Please do. I love this episode too.


It shall be watched! Tonight!


I’ll be breaking out the boxed set to watch tonite as well.

BTW, this scared my brother and I so much on Friday nights that we’d run out of the room until it ended.


Chiller Theater was great. I also loved Zacherley.


They have regular Chiller Theater cons in NYC/NJ. I got his picture autographed.

Edit: His niece, Bonny, created My Little Pony.


Didn’t know about his niece. Getting his autograph is pretty cool.

Remember his Dance Party? I remember that Bic pens, which had just come out, was a sponsor, and to demonstrate how durable they are he shot one from a sort of crossbow through the back of a couch.


Oh yeah, I remember that!


One has always stood out. A one-year series “Night Visions” was hosted by Henry Rollins over one season in 2001. There was one story that really got me, A View from a Window from Bob Leman. The episode starred Bill Pullman working to analyze a visit of a different world appearing in the middle of the desert and was really well done.


Will there be?



It Crawled Out Of The Woodwork.

AKA do not vacuum up steel wool.

So the cleaning lady with a shop vac tries to suck up what looks like a nasty grey dust bunny. Or what I think looks like steel wool. Once she gets it into the vacuum it seems to gain energy and become a giant energy monster.

A moment here. The next time we see the monster it kills a guard. Why? Because he tried to warn new guy to get lost. We also see, for the first time, the strange device that others will also be seen to wear. Like a retro pacemaker.

I have questions already.

How did the energy creature get caught? How do they set it free to kill? How can they be sure that it will come back?

Later in the show it is seen as a horrifying creature that has to be kept behind two doors. Continuity issues abound.

But forget about that. New science guy has a brother who is a slut. And we will watch about 30 minutes of that…


Sidebar: Later it seems that everyone in the Norco facility has died and been revived with those pacemaker devices. I hope that I’m not spoiling the show when I say, what the fuck?
They are scared to death by the monster and then revived to work along with the rest of the Norco… zombies? Mechanically driven bodies? The bleeding fuck?