The thread of Liberal Stupidity


One of the issues that I suspect Jezebel and HuffPo run into is that they both have freelance creators who are granted full editorial freedom to both write and publish their columns directly to the site without any further oversight. That creates a fertile environment for cognitive dissonance on the front page.


Okay, I hate that I’m doing this, but you have to read the Jezebel piece to get what the author is complaining about.

Basically, it comes down to the idea that when a main character is portrayed by a minority, the “cool” thing to do is pair that person with a white love interest. While the interracial aspect of that pairing is a step above two white folks being the default couple, the message being sent is still that the white person is desired over a minority. So in this case, wouldn’t it be nice to see Kumail Nanjiani dating Lupita Nyong’o or America Ferrera instead of Emily Gordon?

Basically, @triggercut is right on this. They have so many voices on the scroll at Jezebel, that they often run into competing messages and look foolish.


Except this specific case is a bad example, since it is based on Kumail’s actual life, and his wife is actually white, and the writer for the movie.


First, I want to make clear that I’m not agreeing with Jezebel.

Second, I’m sure the folks that buy into the piece would say “Of course he married a white girl. The problem is that he’s been taught to desire white girls as a standard of beauty over other women.” Thus the spiral into liberal stupidity.


Sure, wasn’t saying you were agreeing. And you’re right. I suppose I should have clarified that this author chose a particularly bad example for their point. Also your theoretical counter argument makes my head hurt.


Obviously he and his wife are wrong.
As is reality.


There’s an unspoken (or not so unspoken) feeling in society, and especially in female communities in particular whom are hypersensitive to this stuff, that while there is no official step pyramid of beauty and it’s a fools errand to define some differences between the levels, most would claim that being white and blonde is the top. So the article is “railing” against princess-ing the biracial coupling, I guess. Which misses the point of the media in question by a couple of astronomical units, since the whole point of the film is as a biracial / cross class couple.


Been a while since I’ve been to Oakland, but it was pretty well true back when this was an original turn of phrase.


LOL - fair enough


It’s almost like an episode of a sitcom:

Studio Exec : "Kumail, LOVE this screenplay, but um, we have a suggestion."
Kumail Nanjiani “OK?”
“What if, instead of white, your wife in this is Pakistani?”
“But it’s based on our actual lives, and she IS white.”
“I know, I know, just spitballing though, what if she wasn’t?”
“But she’s literally standing right here, and she co-wrote the script with me, and the entire premise is lost if she’s not who she actually is in real life…”
“Yeah yeah, that’s all great stuff Kumail…but we feel it will play better if she’s non-white. Would Hispanic be OK? OH wait…WAIT! What if she’s African-American? YES! We could get Zoe Saldana! Oh man, it’s perfect!”
“Fuck you guys. Seriously, just fuck all of you.”

To the original topic:

The Left certainly has more than it’s fair share of the Stupid. Lots of great examples already listed here. The thing about the stupid folks on the Left though, is that they tend to be convinced that they know more than everyone else because of their particular belief, and they’re mostly content to rail about it amongst themselves and shake their heads at all the sheeplike unwoke masses who just don’t understand but will be really sorry someday.

Meanwhile over on the Right, the Stupid is militant about converting everyone to their religious and/or ideological belief system to the point where you are either with them, or they will threaten to use their Second Amendment rights to remove you from the picture altogether.


The Left wants to use the State to do their violence.

The Right wants to do it themselves.

In some ways I prefer the Right in this respect, because most of them are all talk. The State doesn’t talk much, it just acts.


That’s a really interesting take on the whole thing. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it sounds right.




Liberal stupidity is blindly defending Linda Sarsour’s proselytising about sharia and jihad.

Liberal stupidity is allying with the powerful patriarchal male clerics and attacking their minority female and LGBT victims.

Liberal stupidity is banning drag queens from Pride

Liberal stupidity is declaring the Star of David a hate symbol… and banning it from Pride.

Liberal stupidity is insisting women must now be called “non-men”

Liberal stupidity is saying that only trans can have vaginas, and and women have “front holes”


Wait, what? Is that for real?


I’m afraid so.“front+holes”

Liberal stupidity is concentrated in a few areas. (at least the identity politics stuff- the mention of anti-vax, alt therapies, conspiracy theories about chemicals and the usual things Green Party voters get excited about is also very apt.)

  • Trans extremism.
  • Jewish “privilege”
  • Critical race theory.
  • Allying with Islamism.

Most of the facepalm stuff lie in these spaces and ranges from silly kids on Tumblr to genuinely dangerous ideas espoused by people with actual power and influence.


Wow. Just… wow.


oh and as an Asian man of Muslim origin with a white, blue eyed blonde Aryan wife is Jezebel and HuffPo saying my life experience is a stereotypical trope, a reflection of white privilege and tool of oppression against all those poor brown folks they are here to save?


You’re fucking making this up.

No, don’t correct me. Don’t provide links. I’d rather not know.