The thread of Liberal Stupidity


Hillary is always THE BEST at humility.


C’mon, it doesn’t say that. Just rework the page to be “Along came Marie Curie” or “Along came Amelia Earhart” and it works. It’s a point about patriarchy, not the absence of noteworthy women. You can interpret this correctly, I know you can.


Nah, they can’t even seem to process the fact that Clinton didn’t write that kids book, she wrote this one:


No, it doesn’t work at all if your thesis is that only one woman somehow opened up all those fields. Especially someone as late in the timeline as Hillary.

I am not knocking Hillary, I am not knocking the basic premise of the picture. In fact I think the idea works better if you show a few women whose lives helped lead to someone like Hillary.

Nobody exists in their own world. Someone always came before. Remember…it takes a village.


But that’s not the thesis…


And I’m sure the reason people are talking about this book has nothing to do with Hillary, and is entirely about constructive criticism w/r/t how the book’s authors can most effectively communicate their message.


Oh, I am sure Hillary is the center piece of any discussion about the book. But I don’t care about that. Hillary will be, for the rest of her life, a focal point around which political discussions will be held. Rightly or wrongly.


As it is drawn it sure is.


What 6-year-olds are really good at, is evaluating the larger metaphor behind a book illustration and creating that more sophisticated and nuanced narrative than the simple literal picture told there. Right?


I think most six year olds will just see a spunky girl in red brightening things up in a bleak place full of men. The people who hate this hate Hillary which isn’t going to most six year olds unless the parents insist on six year olds hating her too. We’re talking about an age group that just starting to develop the skill on figuring out words they don’t know without someone outright telling them what that word means. So yeah they can go beyond the sentence but it’s not like a mastered skill at that point.

How many six year olds have you been around lately?


Why wasn’t the girl named Sue? Or Jane? Or any other name. Why do you suppose the girl was named Hillary?


Are you trying to pretend to be six now?


Why did this thread suddenly turn into a showcase of conservative stupidity? We have a ton of those threads already.


No, legit question. Do you think the author just pulled the name Hillary out of a hat?


Because a box designed for Children as young as 4 and as old as 8 titled Hillary Rodham Clinton: Some Girls Are Born to Lead, has a spunky girl named Hillary in it who, you know, leads, but doesn’t describe how much people hate her and pretty soon I expect to see an All Men Matters banner here.

Do you know the title of the book you’re complaining about? I mean… you’ve read it right?


So, you wonder why people think it is all about Hillary when…ta do…it is all about Hillary. What do you know?

And yea, I guess I am just a stupid conservative because I think it is a poorly done stupid homage to Hillary?


So have you read it or not?

And no, I don’t wonder why it’s all about Hillary, or why the girl is colored so brightly and everyone around her isn’t, or all that other stuff. Then again. I am not 6. I am not 4. And I am not 8. These girls are not going to see what you’re projecting.

Do you know what Movers and Makers is? That’s not a made up thing either. She’s in it.


It is obviously about Hillary Clinton. And since it’s a story meant to inspire children, it doesn’t have to be perfectly accurate.

See also: Paul Revere (who was one of many riders, was captured by the British in the middle of his ride, and blabbed to them about Colonial troop movements), Betsy Ross (did not make the first American flag), Martin Luther (didn’t nail anything to a church door), George Washington (lost more battles than he won), etc.

That’s like, your opinion, man. And if you want to write a children’s book about it, go ahead. But the clear message behind this story is “One woman can change the world!”


Or she can lose to Trump…

That was mean. I will apologize to the next 6 year old I see. :)


Changing the world from a verdant green ball of life to a dust filled nuclear wasteland by not beating Trump?

The book was inspiring until the last chapter.