The thread of Liberal Stupidity


I’m saying that insisting that your opponents stand by “principle” when the other does whatever they see as promoting their political power is a sure way of making sure that the ones who have any principles always lose. It was Hillary’s strategy to boost Trump at the expense of other more qualified R candidates. Was that the right thing to do? What do you do when faced with an opponent willing to do anything, rig their own primary, rig their opponents, in order to achieve political power? If you want to talk about principle tell me something that will hurt your own political power and we’ll be glad to support you. Otherwise, get lost. Your rules.


The only people at fault for Trump are the sixty odd million mother fuckers who voted for him, all of whom would be doing the world an enormous favor if they walked into the nearest large body of water and drowned themselves. The contamination they’d cause would be less destructive than their voting.


So what I thought. Fuck democracy, as long as my side wins.

Also “rigging a primary” is so irrelevant to the subject that it boggles the mind.
Watch less Fox News or something. We’re talking about Gerrymandering and you literally blamed fucking Clinton.emphasized text


Knowing that much, if not a majority, of the other side feels this way is all the justification we need. You hate us. You want us to die. So we are going to fight you in any way we can. Have a nice day.


We can’t help being right


Malathor officially declares himself the enemy of democracy.

I mean I’d say I was shocked, but I’m not. Not even slightly.


Because siding with the primary rigger is democracy, right? The hypocrisy is just laughable.


Well, I personally have very little interest in democracy when it’s handed to a nation incapable of educating itself enough to use it safely. I mean, we’ve got people like you here! Sometimes your betters need to take control so you don’t hurt yourself.


Ha ha, you all wasted time assuming Malathor would ever argue in good faith.


Typical attitude of your corrupt party.

When Blagojevich’s misdeeds became known, Democrats were quick to turn on him and assert the rule of law.

The GOP has never turned on its own in a similar manner, because the GOP is only interested in power.


It’s a little like picking on a disabled kid, so I almost feel some guilt for prodding him.


Nobody gives a shit about the primary. First of all lack of impartiality is not “rigging”. No laws were broken, no machines were tampered with, none of Bernie’s computers were hacked.

There was favoritism on the part of leadership, sure. But who cares? There is always political favoritism during the primaries, because it’s a political process. Just ask Luther Strange. The freaking POTUS campaigned for him outright. Was that primary “rigged”?


You can’t possibly be this ignorant.

Randy Cunningham
Aaron Schock
Tim Murphy
Mark Foley
Larry Craig
Chris Lee
John Ensign

Many others.


But you already said that you thought gerrymandering was bad.

If you think it’s bad, then why wouldn’t you oppose it?

Have you fallen so far as to think that it’s ok to do thinks you acknowledge as bad, if it gives you an advantage? Isn’t that what makes one a bad person?

You put principles in quotes, as though they aren’t a real thing. Does that mean you’ve abandoned all of your principles regarding what is right and wrong?

I find it hard to understand, as even from the most selfish perspective, valuing things like protecting the rights of others has a rational value to oneself.

I’m just not grasping how you are reconciling on one hand saying that gerrymandering is bad, but on the other saying it’s ok to do.


I won’t support anything that gives political power to people that hate me, and would rather see me dead. That overrides everything.


Look at his later statement. As long as his side wins, he doesn’t care.

He has no principles and said as much.

Seek professional help. Those people don’t fucking exist.

Unless you’re out there marching with a swastika on your arm or something. Which at this point would make sense.


But don’t you see how abandoning all of your principles is ultimately going to backfire?

You held those principles for a reason. They weren’t arbitrary positions, right? You held them because they were right.

If you are willing to deny the rights of others, then why won’t they kill you? What rights can you lay claim to, having said that rights don’t matter?

What led you down this road?


Popper, and the paradox of tolerance.


Uhhh…they are right here.


But you have abandoned everything you believed in. You’ve embraced tyranny and oppression, and for the same reason that everyone who ever has throughout history did… because you think that the tyrants are going to only harm others.

But you know this doesn’t work. That’s why you used to believe the things you used to believe.

Don’t abandon all of your beliefs out of some misguided sense of fear or anger.

If you’re willing to do things that you acknowledge are bad, then you’re going to have to ask yourself, are you still a good person?