The thread of Liberal Stupidity


Dude. I’m surrounded by crypto-Trump supporters who literally cannot express support for the president of the united states without fear of losing their job and/or being physically assaulted. The tyranny and threat to freedoms like speech are not coming from my side, they are coming from yours.


So what you’re saying is, since Trump’s election you’ve been so scared that you’re literally shaking? Are you trying to sound like a caricature of an extreme leftist or is it happening by accident?


But you’re saying that you are actively supporting doing things that you know are wrong. You’re doing evil things.

They certainly aren’t coming from MY side. The only group that I’ve said are ok to deny rights to, are people who are openly fascist nazis. And the basis of that denial stems entirely from their belief system being inherently based upon denial of rights to others. By refusing rights to others, they have voided the social contract, and no longer enjoy the protections of society.

But you’re saying that you want to intentionally disenfranchise multitudes of voters, independent of any individual information about them at all. And you’ve already openly stated that this is wrong. And you’re advocating doing it anyway.

That makes you a bad person, doesn’t it? It puts you into the camp of folks like Nazis, and the soviet thugs. It’s antithetical to everything that made America good.

On some level, what are you even fighting for anymore then? Because it’s not America. It’s not anything you used to believe in. So what is it? For what are you willing to compromise everything you believed in so utterly? What are you gaining?


I am the one being disenfranchised. I live in a gerrymandered blue state district. It’s my choice to live here. I don’t blame anyone but myself. Sorry, but I have little sympathy for others who make the same choice I do.


On the contrary. Ever since Trump’s election I have been hopeful and emboldened that finally people are starting to fight against the insidious rot that has taken over this country.


Based on what? Because the exact opposite has happened across the board.

Also taking fucking Armando seriously when he rants about people on the right is like taking Hannity seriously on… anything.


I scroll to the end of the thread, and it’s still Malathor stupidity. I came hear for Liberal stupidity. Start your own thread.


I am very doubtful.


There was good news on the anti-gerrymandering front today. A special master is going to be redrawing NC’s legisilative districts, saying the GOP screwed it up too many times to get another chance. NC might end up having fair districts.


I mean, he thinks mother-fucking Julian Assange is a credible source ffs.


He thinks Armando is a credible source.

That there is literally an army of Armandos out there that literally want to kill him and are going to do it.

That’s a medical condition that needs to be medicated.


You realize that your argument isn’t making any sense at this point, right?

You already acknowledged that gerrymandering is bad. Here, you acknowledge that it is disenfranchising voters (you yourself).

The obvious, rational course of action in your situation is to say that gerrymandering should stop. That’s the obvious, right choice.

But you are ignoring it for some reason, and instead literally shifting blame to the victims of the policy, who are simply voters, suggesting that they should… Move?

Can you think of any reasonable argument that makes sense in your mind for why you want gerrymandering for blatantly partisan advantage should be allowed to continue? Can you verbalize it?

On some level, you are manifesting the very criticisms that have been leveled against the GOP. You are supporting the disenfranchisement of voters, explicitly.


“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Even better, it’s safety from something imaginary. So give up liberty for… nothing really. Fuck it.


I think folks need to lay off the antagonism towards Malthor, because he’s been here a long time and I don’t think he’s actually irrational on this.

I think that he’s going to see that this is wrong, just through a calm, rational discussion about it.


I’m intrigued - how do they pick the mapmaker?


I always take fucking Armando seriously. rawr

Because Malathor has ever argued in good faith here. Why don’t you invite insert useless long-gone poster back here to liven up P&R. He was here “a long time” too.


Uh… read what he’s been writing. He comes off like Hannity on meth.

Nothing he has stated has been rational and he’s never argued in good faith on anything in the past anyway.

1 + 1 = 2. He’s off his rocker, deep in the Fox News/Breitbart juice box. I’d love for him to prove me wrong, but he’s talking like a crazy dude on the corner screaming the “End is Nigh.” When asked to clarify, he tripled down on that.


His answer was “I support evil policies because liberals want me to die and I’m scared.”

Sounds like he needs a psychiatrist. The draino meme was just a meme, bro. Timex doesn’t really want to set a deadly trap for you.


I agree with Timex; though his views are probably unsupportable, his demeanor is civilized.

I live in the middle of Republican oil country. I live in the most Republican district in the nation. Virtually everyone out here thinks Obama is the devil, to one or another degree. Some believe this with AM radio-fueled, teeth grinding anger, some just accept it as part of the Truths of The World but otherwise just go about their day.

I’ve found it still possible to slowly chip away at their presumptions. I’m never going to get them to vote for Democrats, but it is possible to get them to stop supporting Trump.

Most of them see this as a kind of unfulfilled quid-pro-quo. They’ve bought into the narrative that Obama is the “worst President ever” yet (in their minds) were “respectful” to him on behalf of the office. Now they see liberals declaring Trump to be the “worst President ever” and in their uninformed opinions all they see are liberals not holding themselves to the same standards they held. Because they see the world as team sports, us vs them, zero-sum games, they assume liberals think the same way as well. It is possible to chip through that opinion by pointing out all the things Trump has done that aren’t just business as usual (for example, failing to appoint only 1/3 of senior officials). It’s also useful to point out non-American editorial opinions on Trump like the Economist.

Even if Malathor is not engaging here in good faith - and i think he is from his perspective as he isn’t really flooding the forum with confrontational posts - that doesn’t mean we can’t still engage in good faith ourselves.


To a degree, that’s FUD propaganda at work. I do blame the right wing media far more for this as they’ve been preaching hate for decades to the degree that liberals are bigger enemies than the Russians. I see the more extreme left wing as a response to the hate machine and counter productive.